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Why was my GoDaddy Payments application declined?

We’re happy you’re interested in using GoDaddy Payments. To keep our services legal and support as many businesses and entrepreneurs as we can, there are regulations that we need to follow and that all companies that use GoDaddy Payments must adhere to. If a business doesn’t meet our eligibility requirements, the GoDaddy Payments application is denied.

Eligibility is based on a variety of factors. While we can’t provide the reason for your case specifically, here are some common reasons why an application could be declined.

Note: If your application was declined, but you have pending payments or hardware orders (like the GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal), please contact us for assistance. Our GoDaddy Guides are here to help.

The merchandise or service is a prohibited business type

GoDaddy Payments is partnered with different payment networks (like VISA or Mastercard) with their own rules and regulations to minimize risk. As a result of these regulations, some categories of merchandise or businesses aren’t eligible to use GoDaddy Payments.

To see if your business falls into this category, please review the list of prohibited business types.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t personal or a judgment about your business specifically. The same regulations don’t necessarily apply to your online store outside of payment processing, and we’re happy that you’ve chosen GoDaddy to build your website and your online store. Your Websites + Marketing or Managed WordPress Ecommerce online store has several different options to process your customers’ payments. Every company is different, so if your business isn’t eligible for GoDaddy Payments, it still may be eligible for a different processor like PayPal, Square or Stripe.

A company is on a High-Risk Merchant List (MATCH list)

The MATCH (Mastercard Alert to Control High-Risk) list is a tool used by credit card processors to screen potential merchants. Companies with a history of high-risk activity – like excessive chargebacks, fraud, or card brand rule violations – are placed on the MATCH list by their previous payment processor when their account is terminated.

When a company or individual applies to use GoDaddy Payments, we check the list to verify whether the company has had issues with payment processors in the past. If your company is on the list, your application could be denied.

  • How do I know if I’m on the list?
    Due to privacy and security regulations, there isn’t a way to check the list yourself. However, you can review Mastercard’s Security Rules and Procedures (SRP), Section 11.5 for a list of reasons that companies are placed on the list. If your company’s history falls into any of the scenarios outlined in the reason codes, it’s likely that you’re on the list.
  • How do I remove my company from the list?
    Usually, companies remain on the list for about 5 years. GoDaddy can’t remove an account from the MATCH list. If you think you’re on the list in error, contact the banking institution that added your company to the list. They may be able to assist you with next steps to resolve any outstanding issues.

Due to restrictions set by our banking partners, GoDaddy is generally unable to approve GoDaddy Payments applications for companies on the MATCH list. However, if this applies to you and you’re able to remove your company from the list, you can reapply for GoDaddy Payments six months after the initial application denial.

Missing or incorrect info in your application

To process your GoDaddy Payments application, we must verify you are who you say you are. It’s important to include all information and documentation requested during the application process. If anything is missing or not accurate, we’ll send you a follow-up email within a couple of days with details about what we need from you and where to send it.

Note: Per GoDaddy’s Terms of Service, you must be at least 18 years old to apply for GoDaddy Payments.

If you’ve been declined and you don’t know why, or if your application has been pending for a while, check to see if you’ve received an email from GoDaddy requesting more information. Use the contact info in the email to provide any missing documentation.

What’s next?

We understand that an application denial isn’t what you were hoping for, and we want to support you. If you’ve been denied, here are some things you can try:

  • Apply to use a different payment processor. We’re partial to GoDaddy Payments, but you’ve got options.
  • Read through the info above and review our Terms of Service and Commerce Services Agreement. If you believe your business could still be eligible for GoDaddy Payments, you’re welcome to reapply six months after the initial decline.

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