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What is a .inc domain?

While they’re open for anyone to register, the most obvious use for .inc domain names is signaling that an organization has incorporated in the United States and has attached the abbreviation Inc. to its business name. There are also rough equivalents outside the U.S., such as Ltd. and Unltd. (short for Limited and Unlimited) in the United Kingdom, and AG (short for Aktiengesellschaft) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, .inc is a very American way to signal that you’re following the rules that apply to corporations — and leveraging the advantages that come with it.

The domain that means business.

.inc tells people — with three simple letters — that you’re in business. You’re not a hobbyist operating out of a garage. A .inc domain shows you’ve already been through that phase, and now you’ve made a significant investment in your operation. Maybe you’ve secured venture funding or gone public. In short, a .inc domain builds confidence with potential clients and customers.

When people search online for products and services, they’re presented with a huge array of options. And since anyone can register a domain and put together a website, some of these might be less than credible. An investment like registering a .inc domain is a smart way to demonstrate that you’re a serious business and you stand behind what you offer. It lets people know you’ll be around over the years — and you’re not a shady operation that disappears unexpectedly.

Because it’s not always about work.

If you’re not in business (or not in the habit of acting like you are), .inc can still be a good fit for your online presence. Anyone can register it, not just incorporated entities. So for starters, .inc domain names include three letters that could stand for anything. You could even create a domain hack — .inc/redible — to make what you do more incredible. Just attached your business name to .inc and you’re ready to go.

It’s true the .inc domain focuses on business, but that opens up tons of opportunities for irony. For example, if you run an underground artist cooperative, how sweet would it be to hang a .inc domain on the end of your web address? Or how about an outlaw motorcycle gang? Anyone could appreciate the humor as a pack of bikers rumbled by under the banner of .inc. Even if you’ve never worn a necktie a single day in your life, the .inc domain name could be a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Invest in .inc today.

Few people need reminders about the competitive nature of business, especially in the United States. When that great idea arrives for your American venture, make sure you grab a .inc domain before a competitor beats you to it. And if you have a creative idea for .inc, make sure you catch hold of it before inspiration fades.
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