Find a domain that puts you in the present.

With .today domains, your website sends a clear signal it’s providing the latest information — whether that’s current events, news, weather or entertainment. While everyone loves a history lesson, .today lets people know you’re focused on right now. Whether you’re an event promoter or an independent journalist, .today lends your web address the urgency it deserves. Register .today to create an online space like:

  • Blogs
  • Event calendars
  • Online newsletters
  • Fan websites

A winning combination.

The .today domain is incredibly versatile because it can combine with any verb or object to create a contemporary brand that’s all about timeliness. For example, if someone has a clogged drain, when do you think they’d want it fixed? Anyone who’s ever dealt with that issue will tell you they want it gone .today

So, for example, picture the name of your plumbing company attached to .today. You may go from looking for new customers to keeping up with demand for an experienced tradesperson who gets the job done fast.

Tell them to do it .today

People often wait before making a decision. It’s just human nature. They decide they want to take some time to think about things and before they know it, the opportunity is gone. For your website, that might mean a lost sale or an even bigger hit, depending on what you do. But with a .today domain name, your web address has urgency built in. As soon as they see your domain, they know this offer is here .today and gone tomorrow.

And that message isn’t just for retail or eCommerce sites. Political organizations might use .today to build urgency around an issue before collective attention shifts elsewhere. If change needs to happen, it needs to happen .today. And for people who struggle day to day, non-profit organizations could drive people to lend their support before another day goes by. With .today, you’ve created a sense that visitors should act immediately.

Focus on the present

Let’s say your work is a family tradition. You learned it from your mother, who learned it from her mother — and so on. They’ve perfected something that started only as an idea. Why does that matter in the here and now? If your story has a distinct past, you can register .today to emphasize what you’re doing in the present. With the contrast dot today creates with the past, it can be a powerful tool for storytelling.

Imagine how much technologies and philosophies can change over the generations. Your ancestors could have worked with hammers and chisels, and today you’re using lasers and artificial intelligence. How far you’ve come is awesome. But tell the world that your story is still in progress. Honor the past, but make sure people know about your incredible work .today

Don’t wait to register .today

If you’re ready to register .today, the best time to do it is… today. With its power to move people to action, you can be sure .today domains are very popular. The more they’re registered, the smaller your chance to lock down the perfect name for your online presence. If you’ve got a great idea, get started now and buy .today to make your ideas real.
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