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Request a refund for my GoDaddy Studio subscription

GoDaddy Studio PRO is included in your Websites + Marketing plan at no extra cost. It's a tool that helps you design professional-looking content for your website and social media. There's also a free version of GoDaddy Studio, which has more limited functionality. Before you request a refund, you may want to compare GoDaddy Studio plans.

If you're sure you want to cancel and get a refund on your GoDaddy Studio subscription, or if you're looking to get a refund on another GoDaddy product such as a domain purchase, please follow the steps for requesting a refund from GoDaddy.

  • To ensure you don't get charged again after you've received a refund for GoDaddy Studio, make sure you cancel your subscription.
  • If your refund is processed, your GoDaddy Studio PRO access will be revoked.

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