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Understand GoDaddy Studio plans

Getting started with GoDaddy Studio is as simple as signing up for a free account. This gives you access to a powerful content creation tool with a limited set of content and features. Upgrade to GoDaddy Studio PRO to get unlimited access to the full range of content and features GoDaddy Studio has to offer.

Does GoDaddy Studio come with Websites + Marketing?

When you buy any Websites + Marketing plan, GoDaddy Studio PRO is included at no extra cost. If you have a free Websites + Marketing plan, you'll have the free version of GoDaddy Studio. This is the tool you'll use to design professional-looking imagery for your website and social media. When you're working in Websites + Marketing, it's called Content Creator and you can also subscribe to a standalone version of GoDaddy Studio.

Note: If you're looking for information about tools that help you create your website, visit Websites + Marketing plans and pricing. GoDaddy Studio helps you design professional-looking content for your website and social media; it is a not a website builder.

What’s the difference between GoDaddy Studio PRO and the free version?

GoDaddy Studio PRO comes with an extensive library of templates, videos and hand-curated graphics and fonts. It also gives you access to all the tools you need to create your brand assets and designs, including image background removals, the ability to upload your own brand assets, and the option to export your project as a PDF document.

GoDaddy Studio’s free version offers a limited set of features and about 10% of the content that’s available on PRO. Start with the free version to see what’s available, and upgrade whenever you’re ready. You’ll get a 7-day free trial when you upgrade.

Here’s a breakdown of GoDaddy Studio PRO versus the free version.

FeatureGoDaddy Studio freeGoDaddy Studio PRO
Professional fontsLimitedUnlimited
Image stock library Unsplash: unlimited
Pixabay: limited
Video stock libraryLimitedUnlimited
Remove image background 3 free tries
Link in Bio
Color palettes
Custom color palettes
Upload custom logo
App icon
Upload custom fonts
PDF export
(iOS app only)

What does GoDaddy Studio PRO cost?

GoDaddy Studio PRO is included in any paid Websites + Marketing plan at no extra cost. Compare plans and pricing.

It’s also available as a standalone subscription if you upgrade on the GoDaddy Studio Android or iOS mobile app, or on the web. To see the latest plan options and costs, follow the steps for upgrading GoDaddy Studio.

What happens if I upgrade my Websites + Marketing plan?

If you upgrade from a free Websites + Marketing plan, your GoDaddy Studio account automatically upgrades as well. You’ll get GoDaddy Studio PRO on any Websites + Marketing paid plan at no extra cost.

What happens to my GoDaddy Studio subscription if I cancel my Websites + Marketing plan?

If you cancel your Websites + Marketing plan you’ll still have access to the free version of GoDaddy Studio. Any designs you previously created with GoDaddy Studio PRO will still be available, but you’ll no longer be able to use the PRO features and tools to edit those designs.

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