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Shipment Tracking FAQ

If you ship products to your customers, you'll need a way for both you and your customers to keep track of shipments. GoDaddy Managed WooCommerce Stores has some shipment tracking features built directly into WooCommerce.

Review some common shipment tracking questions and their answer below:

How can I track shipments for an order?

In Managed WooCommerce Stores, you can add tracking numbers directly to a WooCommerce order. You can add a single number if you're sending all items together, or multiple numbers if you're sending multiple shipments.

Can I attach multiple tracking numbers to an order?

Yes! When you add a tracking number to an order, you will get the chance to select which line items from the order are in this shipment. If you select only the appropriate line items, then you can add additional tracking numbers for any remaining line items.

Why can I no longer add shipment tracking information to my order?

If you've already fulfilled all line items associated with an order, you can no longer add new shipment information. You can [edit or delete existing shipment tracking details if required]{#40629}.

Why don't I see all of my line items for an order that I want to add tracking to?

If you're adding additional shipment tracking information, we'll only show you the remaining line items that need to be fulfilled.

What does "mark this order as complete" do?

If this option is selected, the order status of the order will change from its current status to completed.

Will editing shipment tracking information send a new Item shipped email to my customers?

Yes, it will. When you edit existing shipment tracking data, a new email will be sent out to your customers to ensure that they have the most up-to-date information.

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