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Add or remove an employee user account

As your business grows, you might have new employees join your team, or employees who are no longer with you. Here are some tips to add email users or remove them as needed.

New employees

How exciting — someone is joining your team! Let's get their email address set up so they're ready to get to work.

  1. First, create a user account for the new employee. You'll have the option to enter a password or create the account with a temporary password.
  2. Give the employee their new email address and password so they can sign in. Here are the sign-in pages for Office online or Outlook on the web. If their account was set up with a temporary password, here are the steps to reset the password.
  3. To stay connected, the employee can set up email on their devices.
  4. If your new user is on a Business Professional or Premium Security plan, they can install Office apps. They can also sign in to OneDrive and SharePoint.

Former employees

When an employee leaves your business, it's important to remove their user account so they can't access your secure information.

  1. To prevent the employee from accessing their email account, reset their password and sign them out from all devices.
  2. To save the employee's email data, create a backup file (.pst or .ost).
  3. Delete the user account. If you don't need to access the employee's email, you can just delete the account without creating a backup file.
  4. Recreate the email address as a shared mailbox so that any messages sent to the former employee are received by your preferred users. If you saved email data, you can also import the backup file (.pst or .ost). to the shared mailbox.

More info

  • To access the shared mailbox, close and restart Outlook. You should see the mailbox in your folders. If you don't, follow these steps to access a shared mailbox.

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