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What is Discount Domain Club?

Discount Domain Club is an annual membership that saves you money on domain registrations. And you'll get those discounts on renewals and transfers, as well, so no need to worry about higher renewal rates.

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How does Discount Domain Club work?

Discount Domain Club is a membership-based program designed for folks who frequently register domains. All you need to do is purchase Domain Discount Club and discounts will be immediately applied during checkout for new domain registrations, renewals, and transfers — no setup required. Membership is open to anyone and will renew annually so long as you have auto-renew turned on.

What plans are available?

Here's a look at the Discount Domain Club plans to help you decide which option works best for your needs.

  • Basic: Recommended for mid-size portfolios with up to 49 domains
    • Choose from 11 of the most popular domain extensions including .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz
    • $US13.99 .com registrations, renewals & transfers
  • Premium: Recommended for large portfolios with more than 50 domains
    • Choose from over 400 domain extensions
    • $US10.25 .com registrations, renewals & transfers
    • New! Access to Domain Academy investor training, tools and community
      • Domain Academy membership also gives you 150 domain valuations per day through GoValue.
    • New! Premium CashParking: Earn 80% of advertising revenue on your parked domains
    • New! GoDaddy Auctions® membership: The largest global secondary market to connect domain sellers and buyers
    • New! Domain Broker Service (75% discount)^: Domain taken? Let our experts contact the owner and negotiate a sale price on your behalf

Disclaimer: Any available discount applies only to registration fees and will not apply to any commission fees.

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Discount Domain Club is ideal for anyone registering domains frequently or in large numbers. If you're an investor managing a large domain portfolio, our Premium plan will save you the most money overall. And if you're a small business owner looking to branch out, our Basic plan can help you save money while you grow.

What domains are discounted with Discount Domain Club?

Discounts are available on over 400 domain extensions with our Premium plan and are applied to new domain registrations, pre-registrations, renewals and transfers. Premium tier domains may not be eligible for discount pricing. Take a look at our full list of supported domain extensions.

Can I use other discounts with Discount Domain Club?

Domains purchased with your Discount Domain Club membership are not eligible for other promotions or discounts.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my Domain Discount Club plan?

If you are a Basic Plan member and wish to upgrade, you must cancel your Basic Plan and purchase a Premium Plan. If you are a Premium Plan member and wish to downgrade, you must cancel your Premium Plan and purchase a Basic Plan. Please allow 90 minutes for the system to process your cancellation before purchasing a new plan.

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What if I already have a GoDaddy Auctions® membership?

You can continue to use your GoDaddy Auctions® membership. It'll be renewed under your Discount Domain Club Premium Membership.

What if I already have a Premium CashParking® membership?

You'll need to cancel your existing Premium CashParking® membership so you don't get billed for renewal. You'll receive a new Premium CashParking® membership with your Discount Domain Club Premium Membership. Please note, the settings in your existing CashParking® account won't be transferred to your new account. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What happens if I cancel Domain Discount Club?

You can cancel your Domain Discount Club at any time, and refunds are dependent on the refund policy. Your GoDaddy Auctions® and CashParking® memberships will stay active in your account unless you manually cancel them or they expire. You'll be responsible for the annual cost of renewal if you plan to keep your GoDaddy Auctions® and CashParking® memberships.

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Okay, I've purchased Discount Domain Club — what's next?

You're all set! You don't need to set up your new Discount Domain Club plan. Your savings will automatically show in your cart during checkout for new domain registrations, pre-registrations, renewals and transfers.

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  • Purchase your Discount Domain Club membership to start saving on domains today.
  • Turn on auto-renew to continue your domain registration uninterrupted.

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