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Add products to the product catalog

Add products to the product catalog that’s connected with your Poynt Smart Terminal. Your product catalog works hand-in-hand with the Register app on your Poynt Smart Terminal, where you can use the products to build orders and process transactions on the terminal.

To add products to your Poynt Smart Terminal product catalog, you can import them from your Online Store, add them through the Commerce Hub on your web browser (either in a batch with the bulk upload tool or individually), or add them manually on the smart terminal. We recommend importing or adding them through the web browser — it’ll be a lot quicker.

Note: The products in your Online Store are maintained separately from the products in your Poynt Smart Terminal product catalog, but products can be uploaded from one to the other to keep them in sync.

If you’ve got an existing Websites + Marketing Online Store, import the products you’ve already added there. Once imported, add the products to the catalog for your Poynt Smart Terminal. If you have a Managed WordPress, Managed WordPress Ecommerce or standalone GoDaddy account, add products using the web browser or Poynt Smart Terminal.

Note: This procedure does not permanently sync your online store catalog with your Poynt Smart Terminal catalog. You’ll need to run the import process again if you add products to your online store later. If you track inventory in your online store, selling a catalog item on the Smart Terminal will not remove it from the online store's inventory.

  1. Add products to your online store.
  2. Sign in to your Selling In Person Overview page (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  3. Select Catalogs > Products.
  4. Select Import from Online Store.
  5. Check the box next to each product you want to import, then select Add to In Person Catalog.
  6. Select OK. You’ll receive a confirmation email when the import is complete.
  7. Create a product catalog for your Poynt Smart Terminal, if you haven’t already.
  8. If you’d like to bundle similar products together (for example, Appetizers or Entrees), select Add category from within your product catalog. Add a Name and Tile color, then Save. You can add products within a category or to the main page of the catalog.
  9. From within the product catalog or category, select Add product.
  10. A list of your products will appear. Select each product that you want to include in the catalog.

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