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Disk Space Audit

There may come a time when your server runs out of space. This can be detrimental to your business since a lack of disk space may cause your site not to function, potentially losing customers.


These are some symptoms that can indicate a disk space issue:
  • You may receive emails from Plesk or WHM that disk space limits are being approached or have been exceeded.
  • You may receive error messages like Out of disk space. Unable to write content to file or failed: No space left on device.
  • Plesk or WHM may stop functioning and display errors like Disk quota exceeded.


It's important to quickly find & fix disk issues. Below you will find articles to help you perform a disk space audit on your server and reduce disk usage based on what you find.

Find areas of disk usage on WHM/cPanel
Find areas of disk usage on Plesk Linux
Find areas of disk usage with SSH
Find areas of disk usage on Windows
Preventing disk usage issues
Find inode usage
Remove excessive inodes
Upgrade my Gen 4 VPS server

GoDaddy Hosting Services

Our server experts can audit your disk space usage, identify large files, make space saving recommendations, and upon your approval, take actions to reduce disk space. To learn more about this service, our GoDaddy Guides are here to help.

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