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Sometimes, you need an experienced server administrator for complicated tasks like optimizing your server, configuring firewalls, or scanning your disk space usage. GoDaddy can help with our Hosting Services. Each of these services goes above, and beyond the Statement of Support included as part of our products.

Note: Contact our GoDaddy Guides to learn about pricing and the request process for your Hosting Service.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Services

ServiceDescriptionService Includes
Advanced Performance Analysis
(Free service)
We'll scan your Apache/MySQL/PHP configuration and error logs and recommend hosting services that can address any issues.

Linux (with WHM/cPanel or Plesk) only

  • Scan your server configuration, installed applications, and error logs.
  • Based on the findings, optimization and security hosting services are recommended.
Server Optimization ServiceOur Linux servers have a default Apache and MySQL configuration that performs well for most users. However, by analyzing and changing these settings based on the server's available resources (RAM/CPU), we can remove performance bottlenecks that may cause high server load, Apache errors, and affect website responsiveness.

Linux (with WHM/cPanel or Plesk) only

  • Optimize Apache
  • Optimize MySQL
  • Update Apache MPM
  • Install and enable PHP-FPM
  • Install and configure OPCache
  • Install and enable NGINX
  • Install Memcached and PHP Libraries
  • Configure Memcached caching on up to 3 WordPress sites
  • Make recommendations about configuration improvements that should be made to hosted sites
  • Remove outdated software (for example, old PHP versions)
Server Security ServiceBy making changes to the firewall configuration, restricting root access to the server, and taking steps to block intrusion attempts, overall server security can be significantly increased.
  • Install a firewall w/GUI (Plesk Firewall or CSF)
  • Allowlist support IPs, monitoring IPs, and your IPs
  • Block access to SSH Port/RDP Port to all IPs not allowlisted
  • Make recommendations for other security changes

Linux only

  • Install Fail2Ban
  • Install DDoS Deflate

Windows only

  • Apply all Windows updates
  • Configure future Windows updates to install automatically
Disk Space Audit ServiceWhen disk space is full, it can stop the entire server from functioning. We can force root access and provide a report of your disk usage. With your permission, we can remove unneeded files to restore regular server access or remove files yourself based on our report.
  • Scan server disk usage
  • Remove unneeded files (for example, large error logs, incomplete or outdated WHM backups, or excessive inodes)
  • Receive a report of current usage
Email Spam Review ServiceExhausting the available email relays or having relays suspended due to excessive spam can result in bounce-back messages or the mail queue not processing. We'll review your email history, identify unrecognized outgoing mail, and, with your permission, take specific actions to help mail function again.
  • Determine the source of outgoing spam email activity
  • Take action to stop outgoing spam, if possible (for example, reset email account password or disable malware files)
  • Provide feedback about necessary changes (for example, remove email forwarding accounts or add captchas to contact forms)
Custom ServiceWe'll review your request, and if we can complete it, we'll let you know. Depending on your request, it may be considered "best effort" without guaranteeing success. A best-effort service would be non-refundable.
  • Don't see what you need on this list? Contact our GoDaddy Guides to see if your request qualifies for a Custom Service.

Shared Hosting and Managed WordPress

ServiceDescriptionService Includes
Hosting RestoreA Hosting Restore is intended to restore content from a shared hosting plan that has been moved to a new hosting plan or restore an existing hosting plan to an earlier date.
Note: To migrate an existing website to a new hosting plan, check out our Website Migration Service.

Web Hosting (cPanel), Windows Hosting (Plesk), and Managed WordPress

  • Restore a removed shared hosting plan
  • Restore an existing shared hosting plan to an earlier date

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