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GoDaddy Payments

Lowest fees. Keep more of your money.

With the lowest transaction fees compared to other leading providers, we stick up for your small business and save you money.

Lowest fees in the industry

2.3% + 0¢ per in-person transactions.
2.3% + 30¢ per online transactions.
3.3% + 0¢ per keyed-in transactions.
Lowest transaction fees compared to other leading providers.

Fast payout

Sell online and in-person and get paid out as fast as the next business day anytime a customer buys your product or service.

Simple setup, always secure

Start accepting secure payments in minutes. Enjoy strict PCI compliance and advanced ecryption to conceal your data.

Start with our Online Store builder.

Set up your store for free* with our easy-to-use builder. Upgrade to start selling. Then, connect GoDaddy Payments in minutes to start getting paid. 

No credit card required. **

Start with a WordPress store.

Build a custom store with WordPress and WooCommerce and connect GoDaddy Payments to give customers secure, flexible payment options.

We love to help. Seriously.

Still not sure what you need? Give us a call. We’re happy to help, even if you’re not a customer. We're here 24/7/365. Call anytime. 1-480-366-3546

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online payment processing work?

When a customer makes a purchase on your website or online store with a credit or debit card, the payment processor integrated with your website verifies that the card details are accurate and the funds available for the purchase. If the transaction is approved, the funds are transferred from the customer’s card issuing bank into your bank account, typically within 1-2 days.

What is GoDaddy Payments?

GoDaddy Payments is our built-in payment gateway for GoDaddy's commerce tools (Online Store, Managed WordPress, Pay Links, and Virtual Terminal). With GoDaddy Payments, you can take secure, online debit and credit card payments on your website, over the phone and on the go, while managing all your online orders and payments from a single dashboard.

Why should I choose GoDaddy Payments?

With GoDaddy Payments, setup is quick, pricing is simple and fair, and you can get paid as fast as the next business day. Payments and business data are kept secure with the strictest PCI compliance standards. GoDaddy Payments is integrated with our website solutions allowing you to manage your online orders and payments in one place, from a single dashboard. Plus, GoDaddy Guides are available 24x7 to provide support when you need it. 

Can I take payments without a website?

Yes. You don't need a website to take fast, secure payments. You can use our Virtual Terminal, which transforms your mobile phone or computer into a credit card terminal to easily take over-the-phone orders. For on-the-go or in-person, contactless payments, you can use Pay Links to create shareable payment requests and send them directly to customers via social media, text or email. And, with one click, you can transform any pay link into a shareable, printable QR code for customers to quickly scan and pay.

How do I use GoDaddy Payments on my website?

With GoDaddy Payments, you have three ecommerce choices: 
  • Start building your online store for free with Websites + Marketing. You can select GoDaddy Payments as your payment processor as part of the store setup. Once the store is setup, you can upgrade to a paid eCommerce plan to start selling and accepting payments on your website.

  • If you wish to build an online store using WordPress and need a high degree of customization with free WooCommerce premium extensions, you can choose GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Ecommerce solution and select “GoDaddy Payments” as your credit card processor.

  • If you already have a WooCommerce online store you can add the Poynt – a GoDaddy Brand for WooCommerce payments plugin.

How do I integrate GoDaddy Payments with my WooCommerce account?

  • If you are building a new WooCommerce store, the best way to add GoDaddy Payments is to use our Managed WordPress Ecommerce hosting plan which has a WooCommerce store already enabled and GoDaddy Payments as a built-in payments option.

  • If you have an existing WooCommerce store, the best way to use GoDaddy as your payments provider is to download and activate the Poynt – a GoDaddy Brand for WooCommerce plugin.

Can I use GoDaddy Payments with my current website outside of GoDaddy?

If you have an existing WooCommerce store hosted by another provider, you can add payments processing by downloading and installing the Poynt – a GoDaddy Brand for WooCommerce from

What payment methods are supported by GoDaddy Payments?

With GoDaddy Payments, your customers can pay using all major credit & debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover plus contactless payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Will I be charged any fees to use GoDaddy Payments?

There are no setup fees with GoDaddy Payments and no long-term contracts. Just pay a low fee of 2.3% + 0¢ per transaction for ecommerce and Pay Link payments and 3.3% + 0¢ for keyed in transactions with no monthly minimums or any kind of hidden costs. Any website hosting fees associated with Websites + Marketing and Managed WordPress Ecommerce are additional.

Can GoDaddy Payments be used by businesses based outside of the US?

Today, GoDaddy Payments is only available to US-based businesses.

How long does it take to get approved with GoDaddy Payments?

Many applications receive instant approval so you can start taking payment immediately. In some cases, we may request additional information where approval can take up to 1 business day.

Does GoDaddy Payments offer additional security like fraud protection?

Today we don't offer additional fraud protection services. We monitor transactions to catch unusual activity and notify the merchant of potential fraud. The merchant is still liable for chargebacks.
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