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Understanding WooCommerce permalinks

WordPress permalinks are the permanent URLs for your posts and pages. Using custom permalinks can improve search engine optimization (SEO) and make your website's URL more attractive for searches.

When using WooCommerce, you can specify the base permalink values for your shop and product pages. WooCommerce permalink settings are configued under WordPress > Settings > Permalinks.

Category Permalinks

Category, tag, and attribute base permalinks can be specified under WordPress > Settings > Permalinks > Optional. You may want to update these from the default values to better reflect the language or terminology used at your business.

For example, if you typically refer to your product categories as "collections" you can change Product category base to be "collection". With that setting adjusted a visitor can access one of your product categories with the URL

You can also adjust the product tag base permalinks or product attribute base permalinks.

Product Permalinks

The default product permalink uses the product id to specify your product pages. For example, If you have enabled pretty permalinks you can select one of the other product permalink options under WordPress > Settings > Permalinks > Product Permalinks.

You can chose to display the shop name, shop name and category or a custom base before your product name in your URLs.

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