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What is a premium domain name?

Premium domain names are usually short and catchy domains that typically use the more popular extensions, like .com. In short, premium domains are extremely popular, which means they often cost significantly more than a traditional .com.

A great domain is crucial for a successful online presence. Your website is like your brick-and-mortar location, and your domain is like your piece of digital real estate. And if domains are like real estate, then premium domains are waterfront property. Here's a breakdown of the different ways you might see premium domains mentioned across GoDaddy.

  • Premium domains: At GoDaddy, premium domains are names that someone registered and then put up for sale in the aftermarket. Things like search engine optimization (SEO), ease of use and increasingly limited availability make premium domains cost quite a bit more than you might initially expect. A premium domain can add trust, credibility and better branding to your business’s online presence.
    • Premium domains have a high upfront cost but typically renew at standard renewal rates. Our GoDaddy Guides may be able to help you negotiate a lower price for a premium domain.
  • Registry premium domains: When a domain registry identifies a domain likely to attract many buyers, they label the domain as premium. And this designation leads to a higher price that reflects the higher demand. These domains might be especially short or include a hot keyword, and people are lining up to get their hands on it.
    • Domains designated by the registry as premium often have a high upfront cost and renew at a higher rate. These prices are non-negotiable.
  • Premium listings: Imagine you got lucky and registered a domain that you know has premium appeal. What should you charge? How do you sell it? GoDaddy’s Premium Listings is a white-glove service that helps you price and sell your domain on the aftermarket.

To purchase a premium domain, add it to your shopping cart and complete checkout. You'll have to pay a transfer fee and a registration fee. You can access the domain name in your account after we complete the transfer process.

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