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Windows Hosting (Plesk) Help

Windows (Plesk) Shared Hosting ASP/ASP.NET module & feature support

Here's the ASP and ASP.NET modules and features supported by your Plesk hosting account.

ASP Module & Feature Support

  • ADO
  • MDAC
  • FileSystemsObject
  • Customizable global.asa

ASP.NET Module & Feature Support

  • Customizable global.asax
  • Customizable web.config
  • .NET dll, Code Behind, /bin Folder
  • Multiple Application Root
  • Web Services Supported (.asmx)

.NET Version Support

  • ASP.NET v1.1
  • .NET Framework v1.1 and 2.0

    Note: Apps built with Framework 1.0 are compatible with v1.1.

.NET Core Supported Versions

  • v1, v1.1, v2

IDEs Supported

  • Visual InterDev
  • Visual Studio .NET Support
  • Visual Studio .NET Upload
  • Web Matrix Project
  • NetObjects Fusion

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