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Cash in on your domains with pay-per-click ads and search engine-friendly articles.
Make money from your domains' parked pages! It's easy with CashParking®. Whether you have one domain or a growing portfolio, CashParking can turn those domains into a cash generator!*
Now includes parked page customization options!

Simply pick the CashParking plan that's right for you, add your domains to the CashParking portfolio and get ready to share in parked domain revenue.**

TWO plans to choose from!
  • Earn 60% of the advertising revenue on your parked domains
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* You do not have to register your domain names with GoDaddy to take advantage of CashParking, but you will have to park the names with GoDaddy in order to begin monetization.
** If your domain name is currently home to a web site, CashParking will replace that web site.
GoDaddy Auctions® membership will renew at the regular renewal rate.
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