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Simay Yıldız

Musician McEntire said: “All the money in the world can't buy you back good health.” And she is definitely right, your health is indeed your biggest wealth. In the light of this, a group of youth in Egypt decided to start an online platform to share health tips and to spread awareness.

This article tells the story of these health geeks, and their journey from starting a health focused social media platform to creating a website and a blog dedicated to sharing tips and information about health through scientific facts.

Get ready to take you behind the scenes...

Who are the Health Geeks?

Health Geek Logo

In June 2018, Raghda Ashraf a 24-year-old pharmacy graduate decided to start HealthGeek’s Instagram and Facebook accounts after graduation. In June 2019, she decided to expand HealthGeek beyond herself, and create a team that shares the same passion towards health and science. From researching, designing to translating, HealthGeek’s team expanded and now consists of 7 members.

Marwa Hamed one of HealthGeek’s team members says:

I joined HealthGeek because I was passionate about writing. I wanted to turn dull scientific facts into fun information. Science is my passion that I’ve always wanted to share with everyone.

Mariam Gad another member of the HealthGeek team says:

HealthGeek gave me a chance to pursue my passion through this wonderful project. I am very excited to see what the future holds for HealthGeek!

HealthGeek’s platform breaks down the mechanisms and explores the reasoning behind science and health related information. They reveal facts, debunk myths and provide answers to surprising questions that might have crossed people’s minds. Their health tips vary and tap on different subjects like: Whether you should put your food in the fridge or not? Does your hair need free sulfate shampoo? How to get over insomnia? What workout mistakes do you do? And what are the benefits of cinnamon?

Their data is all backed by science, and they provide references for the readers to get to know more about each topic.

Their mission is to provide basic health tips and educational content to everyone all over the world. They simplify science to anyone and get people to explore the beauty science can hold behind the information.

Creating an online platform to share health tips

Since the launch of their Instagram profile and Facebook page in 2018, they were dedicated to share health myths, hygiene facts, diseases’ symptoms, recipes, natural remedies, beauty, fitness, healthy lifestyle content and more.

health tips geek instagram feed
HealthGeek’s Instagram feed

Then, they decided to create an official website and blog for their initiative, Raghda says:

 We’ve recently decided to expand the topics that we write about beyond health tips and include new categories. The main obstacle that we face with social media is that there is a word limit. That’s why we needed a website to overcome the word limit and to expand both the topics we write about and the audience that we reach. 

Raghda reached out to us and asked to take part in our “Let’s Build You a Website” campaign. This campaign is dedicated to offering free websites for a year for SMEs that are already operating without one.

Step by step guide to building HealthGeek’s website for health tips

  1. Choosing a domain name.
  2. Deciding on the website’s design and layout.
  3. Submitting the website’s content.
  4. Building the website using GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing tool.
  5. Connecting the website to the domain name and publishing it.

Let’s explore each step:

Step one: Choosing a domain name

Your online presence starts with a domain name, and you can’t start a website without a domain name. Choosing a domain name for your business can be tricky, but you can check our guide that has 10 tips to help you choose a domain name.

In HealthGeek’s case the team used GoDaddy’s Domain Name Search and decided on their domain name 

Step two: Deciding on the website’s design and layout

When you’re planning a website; you need to ask yourself: What colors will your website be? Which layout or theme do you want? Which pages do you need to add? Which font will you choose?

Your website’s design and layout need to reflect your brand. For HealthGeek’s website they chose green as their website’s color, and they were able to find a theme and font that they loved from GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing tool. Then they decided on the website’s pages as follows: Homepage, who are we, blog and contact us.

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Step three: Submitting the website’s content

To create a website, you need content. This content can vary from text, pictures, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.

HealthGeek’s team sent us the website’s content from the logo, text, pictures to blog articles that discuss various health tips.

Step four: Building the website using GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing tool

Then, it was time to put together the content and start creating HealthGeek’s website, using GoDaddy’s Website Builder. You can watch the steps by step video that explains how we built their website in the video below:

Step five: Connecting the website to the domain name and publishing it

After building the website, it’s time to connect it to your domain name. If you’re using GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing tool, when you’re publishing the website you’ll see a pop up window asking if you’d like to connect it to a free domain name that will look like this:, or if you have a domain name for your business you can easily connect it to your website. All you’ll need to do is choose the domain name and click publish!

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