Qedreh w Mansaf: The culinary journey of Maen Abbasi

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Adem Asha

In the heart of Dubai, Maen Abbasi, a former IT professional, found himself yearning for the flavors of his homeland, Jordan.

Over a dish of Mansaf, he and his friend, Tarek, dreamt of bringing the tastes of their home to the bustling city. This longing for home-cooked Mansaf and Qedreh, a traditional dish from Hebron, was the spark that ignited their culinary venture, Qedreh w Mansaf.

It was like a spark. Something happened that day, and we agreed, ‘Let’s open a business!’” Maen’s eyes twinkle as he recounts that moment.

The journey of a culinary entrepreneur

Starting a business in Dubai's competitive culinary scene is challenging.

But for Maen, this venture was more than just a business. It was a passion project. He nurtured it with patience, faith, and a firm belief in his dreams. Despite the challenges, the joy of receiving praise from customers and seeing his venture grow made the journey worthwhile. It’s a bumpy ride, but also a joyful one with its ups and downs.” Maen speaks of his journey with a blend of grit and fondness. 

A chef preparing food at the kitchen of Qedrah w Mansaf

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Crafting delectable delights: the culinary orchestra within Qedreh w Mansaf's kitchen

Maen & Tarek at the kitchen of their restaurant.

For Maen, the chaos of the kitchen is a symphony of creativity. The kitchen is where Maen's dreams take shape, transforming into exquisite dishes that transcend borders.

In the kitchen of Qedreh w Mansaf, Maen and his team create a symphony of flavors and aromas, working together to create dishes that remind their customers of Jordan.

"Every moment in the kitchen is enjoyable. In the morning, my team and I plan the menu and taste test to make sure it is cooked to perfection. For me, the best time of the day is to feel the adreanline rush during service, as I cook with my team. The chaos itself is a vibe," Maen articulated with fervor.

Their attention to detail, focus on quality, and love for their craft are the ingredients behind their success. The dishes they create not only satisfy the palate, but also evoke memories of home for their customers.

More than just a meal: A window to Jordanian culture

A tray of well cooked chicken at the kitchen of Qedrah w Mansaf

Qedreh w Mansaf offers more than just a meal. It provides a window into Jordanian culture. Through their dishes, Maen and Tarek share a part of their heritage with a diverse audience. This cultural exchange enriches the community and positions Qedreh w Mansaf as an ambassador of Jordanian culinary heritage.

Creating an online presence for Qedreh w Mansaf with GoDaddy

Maen Abbasi using the GoDaddy Website Builder at work to process orders

GoDaddy played a crucial role in Maen's journey to build Qedreh w Mansaf.

From his days working in the IT industry, Maen understood the importance of an online presence for any business and leveraged it effectively.

Before he formally registered the company, the first thing Maen did was to book a domain and set up a business email for Qedreh w Mansaf with GoDaddy. As a next step, he created a professional website a with GoDaddy's Website Builder.

With Qedreh w Mansaf's website, customers were able to explore the menu and place orders. Having a strong online presence allowed Qedreh w Mansaf to extend their reach beyond the confines of their physical space.

"In order for any company to have a professional image, it is important to have a proper website and professional business email," Maen emphasized.

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Wrapping up: A tapestry of dreams, flavors, and tenacity

Maen's journey is filled with lessons learned through trial and error. For those dreaming of starting their own ventures, Maen's advice is to believe in your ideas and be patient. Success may not come overnight, but with perseverance and passion, it is achievable.

Qedreh w Mansaf is more than a catering kitchen; it's a manifestation of dreams, a symphony of flavors, a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit, and a cultural bridge. Maen Abbasi's journey from an IT professional to a culinary maestro, underpinned by an unwavering belief in his dreams and the power of good food, is an inspiration.

Maen Abbasi of Qedrah w Mansaf presenting Mansaf to the camera

In a city as glamorous and competitive as Dubai, Qedreh w Mansaf’s success is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and the human spirit. Through GoDaddy, the dream took flight in the digital world, allowing it to reach hearts and homes.

And through it all, GoDaddy was the digital magic that provided Qedreh w Mansaf the online stage it needed to shine brilliantly.

For every aspiring entrepreneur, Maen Abbasi’s journey sends a clear message: believe in your dreams, embrace the challenges, and create magic. Qedreh w Mansaf is a testament to what can be achieved when dreams are pursued with heart, grit, and a touch of digital mastery.

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