Vijay Fashion – how does a generational business build their online presence?

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In the bustling streets of Dubai, nestled in the same shop location since 1986, Vijay Fashion has been crafting tailor-made suits, shirts, trousers, and denim for its loyal customers.

Founder and CEO Prabhakar Shetty started his career in tailoring at the young age of 14, honing his skills while attending school in Mumbai. Fast forward to today, Prabhakar's son, Pratik Shetty, has joined the family business as the marketing manager, leaving his full-time marketing job in India to help his father scale and grow Vijay Fashion.

"It's been a fun journey! Working with my father has been better than I expected, it's been fun, he's been extremely supportive, and I'm learning a lot," said Pratik when asked about his experience at Vijay Fashion.

Prabhakar from Vijay fashion welcoming visitors to his shop

Vijay Fashion: how it all started?

Prabhakar Shetty's journey in the world of tailoring began at the young age of 14 in Mumbai. During his mornings, he dedicated himself to acquiring a comprehensive understanding of tailoring techniques, including sewing and stitching, to hone his craft. In the evenings, he attended school.

Years later, his son Pratik Shetty, fresh from a 7-year career in marketing, joined him in the family business. He hopes to grow Vijay Fashion and scale his family business to new heights.

"Working with my father has been a fun journey as he is very supportive," said Pratik about his experience at Vijay Fashion.

The secret to longevity: service and quality

Having withstood numerous market changes and challenges, Vijay Fashion continues to thrive, thanks to its unwavering commitment to service and quality. The father-son duo believes that their warm and welcoming approach has been instrumental in retaining customers for over three decades. Prabhakar's infectious smile and Pratik's dedication to customer satisfaction have created a homely atmosphere that keeps customers coming back, even if it's just for a friendly chat over tea.

"My secret to success is my smile."

Prabhakar Shetty at work smiling

Embracing the Digital Space

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a wake-up call for Vijay Fashion to establish a stronger digital presence. Pratik, with his marketing background, saw the opportunity to reach a wider audience and new generations of customers through the internet. This prompted their decision to build a website using GoDaddy's intuitive website builder.

Within a day, Pratik created the website from scratch, handling everything from the design to the copywriting. Since then, Vijay Fashion has seen a considerable increase in bookings, higher search engine rankings, and more engagement on social media.

Utilizing GoDaddy's Website Builder, Pratik created a website from scratch without any external help.

Pratik from Vijay fashion standing proudly at the shop with a smile

The website has been instrumental in attracting a new generation of customers, boosting Vijay Fashion's online presence, and resulting in increased bookings and higher ratings on Google. Despite being established for 37 years, their efforts in going online have opened up new opportunities for their business.

We've seen a lot of growth since creating the website, there's been a lot of improvement and new customers, especially from the new generation.

Adapting to a new reality

To cater to their customers' needs during the pandemic, Vijay Fashion also started offering home visit appointments and private in-store sessions, ensuring compliance with safety regulations. This adaptability, combined with their growing online presence, has helped the business not only survive but flourish during these challenging times.

We place a lot of emphasis on service. We have a very homely vibe when you enter the shop, and we greet everyone with smiles.

The power of a website

The website has played a pivotal role in attracting new customers, particularly from younger generations. Prabhakar notes that his business now serves not only his long-time clients, but also their children and grandchildren. The website has become a powerful tool for connecting with new audiences and showcasing the craftsmanship that sets Vijay Fashion apart from its competitors.

Pratik designing Vijay Fashion's website using the GoDaddy website builder

I built a website from scratch by myself without any external help, and that was pretty easy for us.

Lessons learnt and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Prabhakar and Pratik agree that a mix of skill and passion is essential for success in business. Prabhakar emphasizes the importance of honesty, hard work, and continuous learning, while Pratik stresses the value of grit, determination, and self-belief.

Honesty and hard work. Be honest with everyone, in our field and everyday. That’s the main principle.

Prabhakar from Vijay fashion at work.

For those considering starting a business, Prabhakar advises gaining expertise in their chosen craft before taking the plunge. Meanwhile, Pratik encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their passion and dive in, as the rewards of running your own business and being your own boss far outweigh the challenges.

Everyday styles and trends are changing, everyday fashion is changing, so you have to be forward-thinking. You have to learn daily and keep up, the learning never stops.

Looking Ahead

picture of mannequin

With an ever-evolving fashion landscape, Vijay Fashion remains committed to staying ahead of the curve by embracing the latest trends and maintaining their focus on quality and service. As Pratik reflects on his journey with the family business, he wishes he had joined earlier to capitalize on its potential. However, it's never too late to make an impact, and together with his father, Pratik is determined to lead Vijay Fashion into a bright and successful future.

GoDaddy: A Partner in Growth

GoDaddy's user-friendly website builder and marketing tools have been instrumental in helping Vijay Fashion expand its digital footprint and reach new customers. Their experience with GoDaddy has been nothing short of transformative, providing them with the tools and support they needed to adapt and grow in an increasingly digital world.

I started searching online for an easy-to-use tool to build a website and after some testing we decided to go with the GoDaddy website builder. It was super easy to build a website and use the marketing tools. I built a website from scratch by myself, without any external help.

A unique business deserves a unique name, and that’s why Pratik registered his domain name with GoDaddy.

screenshot of the Vijay Fashion website

On top of the website builder, Pratik knows how important it is to keep his customers safe and that’s why he has installed an SSL certificate to keep hackers away from his website and its visitors.

Finally, just as a physical business requires a location to operate, a website also necessitates hosting in order to function in the online realm. The GoDaddy website hosting offers 99.9% uptime guaranteed, that’s why it was Pratik’s first choice of hosting.

A testament to resilience and adaptability

The story of Vijay Fashion serves as an inspiration for small businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere. By embracing change, leveraging digital channels, and staying true to their core values of quality and service, Prabhakar and Pratik have demonstrated the resilience and adaptability necessary to thrive in an ever-changing market.

Their partnership with GoDaddy has enabled them to harness the power of the internet and tap into a new generation of customers, ensuring the continued success and growth of their beloved family business. As they look towards the future, one thing is certain: the legacy of Vijay Fashion is in good hands, and their commitment to excellence will continue to define their success for generations to come.

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