It’s easier than you think for microbusinesses in the UK to do more online today

3 min read
Nadya Frost

Clearing out your wardrobe. Converting the shed. Doing your taxes. Setting up your website. Necessary tasks that can be daunting and menacing. Procrastination sets in. You end up in this perpetual guilt trip of things you should do, yet can’t seem to get around to doing. Tasks that appear difficult to approach, labour-intensive and potentially costly. Sound familiar?

While we can’t repaint your shed, here at GoDaddy we try to help you overcome that fear of the unknown when setting up shop online. We can make you go from “How can I possibly tackle this?” to “Let’s see here. Seriously, how hard can it be?” Thousands of businesses cross that bridge every year, from creperies to pro sport apparel makers to tea importers.

Yet more needs to be done to support and educate.

A recent study here in the UK showed that one in four businesses sees digital as “irrelevant,” and 58 percent of charities lack basic digital skills to get them up and running on the web. All this amidst reports of the Internet contributing more to the British economy than the construction industry, and projections of up to 23 percent of all retail sales going online by next year.

If you’re a data addict like me, this is Drama.

The large gap between businesses that embrace digital and those who don’t is stunning. Where does the huge disconnect come from? Common explanations include lack of time, knowledge or funds. To which I say – try it, how hard can it be? These days, you can launch your website in minutes without any technical skills for the price of a single bottle of water. And once you’re done, you’ll enjoy the deep satisfaction that comes from finally doing that much-postponed task and crossing it off the list.

As part of the Government’s Do More Online campaign, I recently joined Chris Rothwell from Microsoft to talk about such introductory-level web solutions. I hope this short video helps get the point across and dispel some of the myths microbusinesses might have about their online presence.

One final thought: While setting up a website is easy and affordable, that’s just the first step in a longer journey towards a fully-fledged successful online presence. Search engine optimization, email marketing, and an active use of social media are some of the most popular and most effective tactics businesses employ in the digital age. Get educated, develop a robust online plan for your small business — taking each digital element a step at a time, in a way that works best for you — and start doing more online today!