How to increase online sales from your eCommerce website?

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Abdelrahman Sleem

If you have an eCommerce website, you’d probably be looking for ways to increase your sales. In order to do so, you’ll need to listen carefully and follow your user’s online needs. In the current digital era that we live in, the competition is very fierce, and users have the ability to surf the internet and choose among various choices. What you need is special tactics to attract potential customers and encourage them to take action. This action varies from buying a product, downloading an app, trying a tool to watching a demo, this article will help you with various tactics and techniques that you can use to increase your conversions and online sales.

11 tactics to help increase online sales and conversions

This is a list of the tactics that will help you:

  1. Understand your user behavior
  2. Provide real deals and eye-catching offers
  3. Optimize your UI and UX
  4. Use video in your landing page
  5. Create Urgency
  6. Don’t miss universal discounts and deal days
  7. Create great mobile app experience
  8. SEO will help increase your visibility
  9. Remember remarketing
  10. Test, test, test
  11. Measure your success

1- Understand your user behavior

You need to know your user well to provide a good experience through your website and encourage him to take the action and return again and again. So, you have to know everything about him. Design a solid buyer persona and understand the online behavior. You can do it through some tools like Google analytics, on-site surveys, email surveys, user usability testing, video recording like user-testing or Trymyui, focus groups and A/B Testing.

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2- Provide real deals and eye-catching offers

Now users have a lot of options and they compare all the time between you and your competitors. You have to know your competitor’s offers and provide better deals, discounts, bundles, coupons…etc

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 3- Optimize your UI and UX

Test doing some changes for your website’s UI and UX and test which is better for the user. You can:

  • Reduce Form Fields especially for mobile users.
  • Use a Contrasting Color for Your Call-to-action (CTA) Butto
  • Increase your CTA button size and put it above the fold with a clear text.
  • Provide only one offer or call-to-action per page.
  • Focus Your Homepage / Landing Page on Your Main Offer.
  • Make Sure You Have a clear headline for the landing

4- Use video in your landing page

According to statistics, video encourages users to engage with your website and increase the Retention Rates and Conversion Rate by 80%. Also, 70% of marketers say video is the most effective means to driving conversions. Product videos alone can increase purchase intent by up to 85% especially if it is short with a clear message. Don’t miss tracking your video, you can use tools like Vidyard.

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5 - Create Urgency

Offer a limited-time or number of products. Give users a reason why they should take the action now and not after a few days. And be honest in this limitation, that means you have to stop the offer after the identified time. Even if you still have stock of this product, you can make another offer later but gain users’ respect and trust.

increase online sales godaddy offer

6- Don’t miss universal discounts and deal days

If you buy products online, you can join big events like Black Friday. Also, you can create your own event like Amazon Prime Day and let everyone know about this event and wait for your big deals.

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7- Create great mobile app experience

More than 80% of users use mobile to find products , compare prices, and buy online. So, you have to make the user journey through your app great. Push notification for deals, create alert for price change and create a wish list.

Make the mobile app easy to use without any complicated steps to encourage users take the action

8- SEO will help increase your visibility

Optimize your website for users to buy, add, and reach content. Write high quality metadata, headings and use high search volume converted keywords.

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9- Remember remarketing

A lot of people may visit websites and are interested to buy but for a lot of reasons they won’t take an action on the spot. Through remarketing campaigns using Google Ads, Facebook and Twitter encourages them to buy.

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10- Test, test, test

Best practices to increase online sales simply don't work, unless they're tested in your business’s context. What works with your case may not work in another case or another time. Time factors always change, so you have to test all the time.

11- Measure your success

You have to track your goals by measuring your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) clearly.  You can use several tools to do that like Google analytics and Adobe Omniture.


These steps can work for any ecommerce website and also any online business-like hotels, flight tickets, real estate, travel agencies. Just focus on users’ experience on your website and provide all they need through a great journey and your ROI will increase. For more, check the “Create a winning social media strategy for your business in 8 steps” guide.