How to prepare your eCommerce website for spring shopping?

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Selina Bieber

The weather is getting warmer and spring is almost here. It’s time to put away those heavy jackets, over sized jumpers and knee-high boots and get the floral dresses, flashy sandals and colorful blouses out. This also means that spring shopping season is here!

If you’re an eCommerce website owner this might be a well-suited opportunity to attract more shoppers. Spring might not be a peak time for shopping, yet there are a few ways and tips to give your eCommerce website a boost to drive more traffic and leads. So, strap up and get ready for a blooming spring.

5 creative ways to market your eCommerce website this spring

  1. Blog about trends
  2. Hit big with Email marketing
  3. Promotions, offers and discount coupons
  4. Website relevant theme
  5. Captivating video content

Blogging about spring related topics and linking them to the products that you sell is always a good idea. Creating fresh and up to date content for the season will drive audience and traffic to your blog. Those readers can be potential leads for a sale opportunity, you wouldn’t want to miss them, correct?

The key is to create content related to trending topics, but how can you find trending topics? You can always check Google Trends to explore what people are searching for. At the same time, spring is known to be the time for revitalization and regeneration. The season is also the perfect time for walks in the park, embracing nature and spending time outdoors. Thinking how you can position your products or services around those themes may help you create relevant articles.

For example: If you sell hiking gear you can write a piece about the best locations to go hiking during spring time. If you sell kitchen utensils, you can write a series of articles on fresh spring recipes to enjoy in a park with your family. Our advice to you is to always think out of the box and create informative content.


Hit big with email marketing

Email marketing is essential for eCommerce websites and you can take advantage of the spring season to come up with creative campaigns for spring shopping.

For starters you can use email to inform your customers about new products or additions to your website, promotions, and share helpful content. Remember that blog post you published for spring, why not share it with your mailing list?

In your emails, make sure you include the following:

  • Call-to-action button that leads to a landing page
  • Quality content
  • Captivating headline
  • Stunning pictures

A regularly scheduled email newsletter with quality content is an effective way to stay in touch with customers and retain their loyalty.

Armed with these tips, it’s time to create an alluring email marketing campaign for spring shopping. If you’re wondering what to include, we have a couple of ideas to inspire you. You can include a link to spring-related blog post, a special promotion code for spring shopping and a list of your essential products for spring. Voila.


Promotions, offers and coupons

spring shopping sale red sign

Did you know that 29% of online shoppers will buy a heavily discounted item they originally did not intend to purchase?

The fear of missing on a good deal can make people to buy things they didn’t intend to, we’re all guilty of this, aren’t we?

Every month has its share of holidays, days to mark and events on the calendar. Make sure you turn these into opportunities for themed promotions and sales. But what if you can’t find a relevant holiday or theme for discounts? You can always be creative and make up your own campaign.

For example: For spring you can create a “spring shopping frenzy” discount or “spring time discount code” that is valid on spring essential products. When it comes to sale and discounts the sky is your limit.

Revamp your website with a relevant theme

Whenever we hear the word spring, it associates in our minds with flowers, picnics, gardening and greenery. So, spice up your website and social media channels with spring color themed imagery that captures the mood.
Our advice to you is to use bright, seasonal palettes for your website’s homepage that features your store name, logo or new items and products. Give your website a spring makeover that will be both eye-catching and attractive.

Tip: Create a relevant social media theme to match your website. Your social media activity should go hand in hand with what happens in your website. You can customize a cover photo and picture for the season to stir things up.

spring shopping online tablet

Captivating video content

Did you know that product videos can increase purchases by 144%? This is a chance that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss for spring shopping season. But how exactly can you take advantage of it? We have some ideas:

  • Styling videos
  • How-to content
  • Vlog posts
  • DIY videos

These are examples of video content that you can use for your website, YouTube and social media channels. These videos can be used to present tips for using your products in spring and demonstrate your products in action. For social media, you can post more Instagram stories and live videos related to spring themes, discounts, and trends.

For example: If you sell shoes or jewelry you can collaborate with an influencer to create spring looks using your products. If you sell makeup products, you can create fresh spring looks for the morning and evening using your products. If you’re a hotel or touristic company owner, you can create a Vlog showing around popular spring tourism destinations.


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Are you ready for spring shopping blizzard?

Last but not least, make spring shopping joyful for your customers, capitalize on growth, sales, and blossoming customer relationships for your business. We hope you’re now inspired to start planning for this season powerfully.

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