WordPress: 7 reasons why you should start using WordPress

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Ahmed Sheta

If you’re wondering which platform you should use to start blogging, the answer is WordPress. It’s by far one of the richest platforms to start a blog. That’s not just my personal opinion, but it’s the view of a vast array of blogging experts and website owners loyal to WordPress.

“What’s the best blogging platform?” is a question that we frequently see asked all over the internet, by beginners and blogging professionals alike. The standout answer is WordPress.

According to the latest WordPress statistics published in January 2019, 34% of the websites on the internet are powered by the content management system WordPress

This is because WordPress is more than just a blogging platform; it’s a content management system that comes with a lot of tools that will help you build a website, an online store or a blog. In other words, WordPress is a flexible tool that you can use in different forms. It’s also adaptable and responsive, meaning you can build various kinds of websites and ensure your design is mobile-friendly too.

You’ve probably heard and know this much about WordPress already; how it works and its features... but what you’re probably wondering about is why bloggers around the world prefer it.

To answer this question, we’ve listed 7 important reasons that are likely to convince you to start using this magnificent platform too.

7 reasons why you should use it for blogging

From platform efficiency, security and flexibility, below are all the pros the Pros put forward for getting started with your own WordPress blog or website.

1- You can use it for free

WordPress is an open source content management system, which means that you can download it and use it for free. It’s very flexible, so you can easily make amendments and adjustments. This flexibility allows you to create websites and blogs according to your needs, and you won’t need a huge budget to create a website using WordPress.

If you need a little help to get started, consider using a solution like GoDaddy’s WordPress Websites. The Quick Start Wizard will help and guide you through the setup process. GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting is the perfect managed solution for anyone who wants the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of constant updates and technical adjustments, it comes with free daily backups and automatic daily malware scanning.

 2- It has thousands of themes

Although WordPress has 4 free themes by default, there are plenty of free templates published publicly by both individuals and agencies that suit for different industries. You can easily access these themes from your blog’s dashboard without leaving your website and having to visit another. You can also download any theme or template that you like and upload it with one-click.

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WordPress editor

What makes WordPress themes special is that they’re compatible with all devices, so the design is responsive with mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

3- You can easily run and update WordPress websites

The system itself is easy to use. You can learn the basics in a very short time. For the more complicated technical aspects, you can either learn on the go or hire a freelancer to help you. Using the platform itself isn’t intricate; it provides you with a lot of options and tools that will boost both your productivity and time-efficiency. You can also build several websites using WordPress and manage them from one dashboard thanks to ‘Multisite Network’, which can save you the trouble of going back and forth between different Control Panels for each website.

WordPress website plugins themes

Other advantages that the platform provides are the constant updates to themes and plugins. You’ll get notified when there’s an update, and with one click you’ll get the update within seconds.

4- Offers one of the best content management systems

WordPress first started as a blogging platform, so you’ll find features and qualities that bloggers need that will support their writing and publishing efforts. But, is WordPress blogging platform only? The answer is no, it’s much more than a platform to start a blog. You can use it to publish different types of content videos, pictures, websites and ecommerce websites.

5- It helps you protect your website

When it comes to security, WordPress takes its users’ security seriously, especially when it comes to deterring hackers and other security threats. That’s why you should always keep your website updated, as these updates usually address security threats and there are plenty of security-focused plugins that you can use too. These plugins act like the antivirus software that you use on your phone or computer, so they’re crucial to keep your website safe and secure all the time. To boost your website’s security, you can also use GoDaddy’s Website Security panel for powerful protection against threats and to setup an SSL certificate to enable a secure connection between browser and web server, and to protect your website visitor’s information.

6- It provides customer support

The official WordPress website provides customer support that can assist you and provide you with the educational knowledge that you’ll need to start your blog. Their customer support will also answer all your questions and address any problems that you might face in English or Arabic.

Wordpress customer support

On top of that, WordPress has a blog where you can share your queries with other users if you can’t already find the answer to your question on their website.

7- The websites are search engine optimization friendly

Search engine optimization is crucial for websites and blogs to be found organically on search engines. If you’re using WordPress – unlike other content management systems – you’ll find that the optimization process is very smooth and straightforward. You can easily manage your website’s settings, sections, pages, tags and optimize your website for the search engines. Even if you don’t have technical or coding experience, you can add plugins that will help you with your SEO, like Yoast SEO.

If you’re looking for a platform to start blogging, we hope that we’ve provided you with constructive and beneficial tips about why WordPress is king and you’ll now know why a lot of bloggers prefer it.