Exploit small business growth opportunities in summer 2021

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Selina Bieber

As summer is approaching, many entrepreneurs are skeptical about this year in specific. However, as a MENA region entrepreneur, you should look at summer this year as a growth opportunity. Undoubtedly, it is a new season full of many uncertainties. Yet, an incredible season full of events, expansion goals, and opportunities which you should cease. If you think your productivity will decrease this summer, here is an article that will help you expand your mind and rethink your business plans for summer 2021.

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In this article, we’ll take you through 3 business growth opportunities:

  1. Summer 2021 Exclusivity: Why this summer is exceptional and how to use it as an opportunity for your business.
  2. Vacation Crowds: Despite the pandemic, there are still internal and external destinations for holidays.
  3. Improving Marketing Tactics: Evaluating your current plans, websites, and development based on the holiday needs of your physical and digital customers.

Moreover, it will give you an insight on managing and marketing strategies, target audiences, and particular themes to be highlighted. Keep in mind that ensuring projects are complete allowing steady monthly revenue - even in low seasons - is a part of your managing strategy for your small business. Hence, don’t take too much time off and exploit this summer to your advantage!

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1. Summer 2021 exclusivity

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This summer is full of cultural, important events that cannot go undetected on your strategy model. The summer itself is a wonderful time for many businesses. Regardless of your business or advertised products, people tend to spend more during summer even under confinement grew 44% according to Digital Commerce 360 estimates.
As your vacations may be disturbed, use the time and increase your revenue during this spending season. Keep in mind, summer is a spending season without any other events occurring simultaneously which makes it an excellent growth opportunity. This summer also includes two of the biggest events in the MENA region all year long; Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Both events hold a flow of cash among family members, average buyers, and even those who rethink before buying products tend to let go during these two seasons.
A variety range of spending on technology, cutlery, clothes, jewelry, household items, services, and other products almost doubles every year during these two seasons in the MENA region according to Arab News.

It is the season when users around the world tend to spend more.

Be proactive with these parallel seasons and adapt to a good strategy that brings in new customers and satisfies existing ones. You can also review your business plan to adapt to the weather changes for your employees, products, or even if applicable to your customers. Under the same umbrella, use the time to maintain your services, products, inventory, and anything else in need of upgrade or maintenance. Do so now so you can have some time for yourself during the summer!

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2. Accelerate business growth through vacation crowds

Summer has the reputation of tourism activities, so it affects some businesses negatively. This summer is not so different from the 2020 one as the world shifts and adapts to the new normal. So, crowds divert their channels to digital ones to do their shopping and bookings. So, target your audience there. Instead of targeting physical crowds, target the digital one. Give your customers the attention they want when they look for you or your competitors. Let them know that you’re open and running as well as before. You can show them that you’re still operating by sending an email campaign or contact them via social media to keep them in your loop. They are the gateway to this season’s growth opportunity. Don’t forget to keep your website’s content up to date with your latest summer offerings, working hours and activities.

Your competitors might be out of action over the holiday period, so why not take advantage of that?

Expand your network and get new clients through digital channels; now is the time.

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3. Improving marketing tactics: Digital and Consumer Marketing

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Charles Dunstone said:

The future of retail is the integration of Internet and digital services with the retail network.

Indeed, for many industries, having a website is essential for the identity and the promotional side, but they keep the sales to the physical world. Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your website to increase your growth opportunities. Improving your traffic and conversion rates is one way if you decide to keep the sales off the network. If you still don’t have a website, GoDaddy Website Builder tool helps you build your website in a matter of hours. If you want to add a store and start selling online, you can also check out GoDaddy’s E-Store.

Don’t overwhelm yourself

At the same time, have a digital holiday. You might be busy checking emails, answering phone calls, or sending messages to keep your business running during your holidays. Recharging is better than keeping the flow of your business without giving yourself the rest you need. Set aside some time during your holidays to get back fully charged. Only respond to genuine emergencies. Hence, relaxing is part of your marketing strategy. Don’t overload them with your messages, your customers need a break, so do you.

Grasp business growth opportunities this summer

Genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.

You can create a strong shift of strategies and exploit business growth opportunities this season. Review your objectives too. Pace yourself and see what you can offer at each event of this summer. This will also help you have a clear idea of whether this season can help you reach your objective or not. If you’re on track, revise them still so you can enjoy an even greater growth to your business. Use this summer’s growth opportunity, it is exceptional with all its ups and downs.

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