GoDaddy entrepreneurship survey shows that small businesses in the MENA went digital during COVID-19

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Selina Bieber

GoDaddy, the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs around the world, released the results of its 2020 Entrepreneurship Survey. As we focus on helping our customers and entrepreneurs, we listen to them, develop and update our services to meet their needs.

The report studies the effects that the global pandemic had on entrepreneurs and small business owners in the MENA.

Explore the GoDaddy entrepreneurship survey results

GoDaddy commissioned market research and data analytics company, YouGov, to conduct the entrepreneurship survey among UAE small business owners and entrepreneurs as part of a region-wide survey encompassing KSA and Egypt.

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According to the entrepreneurship survey, over half of the respondents were already employed when they decided to become self-employed, with over 60% being first-time small business owners. Nearly a third of small businesses use their current online presence to sell goods or services.

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74% of entrepreneurs already had a company website, with 3 in 5 intending to build one soon given the current circumstances and customers' inclination towards e-purchases. Since the onset of COVID-19, amongst those who have an online presence, 45% have increased and improved their customer communications to keep them informed about the change in services and how they are responding to the challenges.

entrepreneurship survey results infographic egypt

The GoDaddy entrepreneurship survey highlights that 21% of respondents said that, pre-pandemic, they managed the technology needs of their business themselves. 28% had a friend or family member do it while only less than a fifth had a web developer/professional do it.

Regional support for small businesses and a look towards the future

Findings from the entrepreneurship survey indicate that 4 in 5 entrepreneurs feel that there is a good mix of online tools and resources available for SMEs which allows them to easily digitize their business. While, 2 in 5 entrepreneurs described the government’s response to the pandemic as being ‘proactive’.

GoDaddy is committed to supporting small businesses in starting and growing their digital footprints by providing the necessary platform and solutions to drive and maintain their success.

GoDaddy supports small businesses and entrepreneurs

GoDaddy enables SMEs in their transition to online presence to meet their customers’ needs. From web hosting plans, domain names, to building and developing websites and online marketing tools, GoDaddy provides a one-stop-shop of tools and solutions to startups, small and micro-businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs to grow online.

As small businesses and entrepreneurs adjust to the ‘new normal’ during the pandemic, GoDaddy offers personalized support through a number of tools and solutions available in both English and Arabic.

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