6 powerful food and drink winning ideas powered by GoDaddy and Crowdfunder

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Thomas Costello

At the start of 2018, GoDaddy and Crowdfunder launched ‘What’s Your Idea.’ This campaign became one of the UK’s largest Crowd-led funding competitions and in partnership with Crowdfunder, GoDaddy offered 6 Food and Drink businesses a game-changing opportunity.

We challenged budding food and drink entrepreneurs with new and innovative ideas as well as growing start-ups to pitch their ideas. Hundreds of entries later, we have plucked out the top 6 to start them on the path to success – with the added support from Crowdfunder’s experts.

So here are the 6 winning Food and Drink ideas. Why not offer them your support by making a pledge?

1. Soulfuel

Support Soulfuel's crowdfund here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/soulfuel

Hayley Ray is the face of Soulfuel, the smoothie bowl product for people who want to be conveniently healthy. Soulfuel smoothie bowls are completely free of gluten, dairy and are a convenient yet delicious way to get antioxidants, nutrients and organic where possible ingredients in one single sitting. With the money raised from the crowd, Hayley will begin the manufacturing process of products in a factory, allowing Soulfuel to achieve a shelf life of around 28 days - making it more attractive to retail outlets.

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2. What A Melon

Support What a Melon here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/melonair

What a couple of years What A Melon have had. But despite all of this success, What A Melon are looking to go the extra mile, and take the party mile high. They have had this wild idea to launch our new flavour at 30,000 feet on a Crowdfunded charter plane flying from London to Ibiza. With a live DJ and free-flowing, super refreshing watermelon cocktails, What a Melon is hoping to 'flydrate' partygoers from take off to touch down. What’s better than a melon-fuelled adventure? Not much we say! So come on, who wants to party like a MelonAir?!

What an idea! Fund the party here

3. Tinker Gin


Tinker Gin supported by Ginfestival.com, a cottage gin industry style innovation from husband and wife team Marie & Jym came about after ‘tinkering’ with different flavours to create the perfect G&T recipe. Launched in 2017 through crowdfunding, Tinker wowed, with sales reaching £450,000, and then went on to develop the highly anticipated ‘Tinker Pink.’

Tinker’s goal now, is to realise the dream of a Tinker Gin distillery organically funded by our passionate gin community, to raise £100,000 and expand the range to a further 10 flavours including Bitter Orange and Summer Cup, and ‘Tinker Violet’

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4. How On Earth

Support How on Earth Vegan here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/how-on-earth-grows

How On Earth, is a brand new vegan food company run from home! Currently, How On Earth supplies the University of Exeter Student Guild with over 200 lunch options a week. The product is unique and has proved amazingly popular! After trading for just over 5 months, the business is thinking about its expansion as an ethical and local business.

The demand is there, so pledge your support here

5. The Taste of Umbria


The Taste of Umbria vision is to build an online food store that is the first choice for regional, traditional, products from the green heart of Italy - Umbria. In the future, other key regions in Italy and other countries will be present. Scalability will be key for future growth of the business.

So what is it? The product range is the high-quality artisan, including pasta, sauces, legumes, truffles preserved and fresh, olive oil, wine and sweet things. In addition to the above, will be a range of organic products. Then products such as salami, cheeses will be added.

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6. Burp Ferments


Burp Ferments is a social enterprise brewing naturally fermented, non-alcoholic fizzy drinking vinegar, using organic, seasonal produce and ancient methods, putting culture back into drinking.

It sources 100% of our ingredients straight from small-scale, sustainable farmers in the UK and aims to reinvest in impactful organisations working across the food sovereignty movement - because we believe that business should work in collaboration with both communities and ecosystems.

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Thank you!

Thanks for reading, we and all of the winners really appreciate it! We hope you’ve been inspired to support at least one of these great campaigns.