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Thomas Costello

Cricket - some say it’s just standing about in a field, but we believe it’s about being ‘outstanding’ in your field.

Just like business, cricket is about finding the gaps in the field and targeting them. It’s a game of fine margins, leadership and self-discipline. Timing, skill and determination are just a handful of the attributes you need to succeed. Sound familiar?

At GoDaddy, we love cricket and we’re proud to sponsor the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. So we’ve put this article together to help you navigate the wonderful world of cricket and understand the business of cricket!

Putting a price on your wicket

It’s undeniably impressive watching a batsman smash the ball high out of the stadium, but being a batsman is not just about pure power, it takes a lot of self-discipline and thought, much like running a business.

At international level, batsman can come up against bowlers who are bowling at speeds of up to 90mph and sometimes faster. That’s seriously quick! Especially when the bowler is delivering the ball a mere 22 yards away from the batsman. Decisions have to be made in a fraction of a second. Just like you with competitor businesses, that means the batsman can’t afford to take his eye off the ball.

Batting is about timing. It’s about adapting. It’s about grafting. It’s about seeing opportunities and maximising them as they arise. Batsman are constantly on the lookout for gaps in the field for them to exploit and cash-in. Attempting to rack up a big total, just like any entrepreneur worth their salt.

The best batsmen in the world are able to score all around the ground and take apart any bowling attack, anywhere and anytime. They’re comfortable in all conditions. They put a price on their wicket and defend it with everything they’ve got.

But batting doesn’t happen in isolation. It takes communication with your batting partner. Running between the wickets would be extremely difficult without clear communication. Your partner needs to have your back and you need to have theirs. Without this, a run-out is bound to happen, and nobody wants that! As a batsman you need to make clear calls, just like in business to make sure everybody’s on the same page and ticking along nicely.

Even if cricket goes over your head, there are traits entrepreneurs and businesses can appreciate and learn from the noble batsman.

Finding your line and length

Modern bowlers face a great challenge, as the game seems to shift towards being more and more batter friendly. Therefore, it takes a great amount of skill and cunning to be successful.

In this new era of explosive batting, teams are regularly scoring more than 400 runs in an innings. In fact, many people believe it’s only a matter of time before a team scores 500 in a 50 over game; something that would have been unimaginable in years gone by.

More than ever, bowlers need to have a wide variety of deliveries. It’s not enough to simply run up and bowl at 80+ mph, or roll your arm over and bowl some gentle spin. Bowlers need to be doing something with the ball, whether that’s moving it both ways, varying your lines and lengths or hitting your yorkers.

Just like in business, to be successful, you have to adapt fast. You need to be innovative. Some of the best bowlers have been the greatest readers of the game. Studying their opposition and exploiting any holes in their game and out-thinking their opposition. There’s a lot to be said for that.

It’s similar to keeping your eye on your competitors. Keeping abreast with what they’re doing well, what they’re doing not so well, where you can gain a competitive edge. To thrive, bowlers need to have all the tricks of the trade, backed-up with the skills and confidence to deliver them in extremely high pressure situations.

Fast bowlers in particular often do a lot of the hard work in the field. Toiling away in the sun, sprinting in and delivering the ball at astounding speeds. It’s demanding work, but a lot can be learnt from the bowler, particularly their determination, perseverance, patience and resilience.

Howzat for inspiration?

For many cricketers, playing cricket was something they started as a hobby. It’s not too dissimilar to a side hustle. Their passion for the game has turned into a career.

What started off for many as a bit of fun has turned into a profession which enables them to travel the world, play cricket in front of thousands of people, all the while inspiring the next generation of players. To do what they love every day and get paid for it.

One things for certain though. It didn’t happen without sacrifice and hard work.

What’s stopping you from chasing your dreams and making your side hustle a reality?

Get involved

If you’re watching the ICC Cricket World Cup this summer, take some time to appreciate the skill and innovation of the players. Cricket may be a sport, but many of the traits of successful sportsman can be applied to business.

To show our support for the ICC Cricket World Cup and to what will hopefully be a summer of triumph for the England team, we are offering you the chance to win tickets to the tournament.

We’ll be giving away tickets on social media. So be sure to keep your eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page to be in with a chance of winning! You can also get involved by using the hashtags #GoBigGoDaddyUK and #Howzat4AHashtag.

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