Interview: Covid-19 has shown that micro-businesses need support groups now more than ever

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Thomas Costello

 At GoDaddy, we see the impact the Covid-19 crisis is having on micro-businesses.

Since the crisis hit the UK, micro-businesses have been put under extraordinary pressures.

In order to help you adapt to these challenging times, we’ve pulled together resources to help you stay open, even if your doors are closed. We want to help to get you through tough times.

We have spoken to a number of subject matter experts, all of whom are small business owners running their own companies. The interviews are designed to help other entrepreneurs with advice on how to stay open during COVID-19.

This week, we chat with Dan Martin - a business support guru, small business journalist and for years has been an integral part of the growth of Enterprise Nation - the vibrant community of small businesses and business advisers.

Dan shares his advice on how small businesses can stay connected with support and each other and how online support events can offer valuable insight for businesses working from home. Watch the full interview below:

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It’s for shop owners minding their customers’ and employees’ safety — and for everyone who stands with small business.

As #OpenWeStand gains momentum and the need for resources for small and micro-businesses increases. GoDaddy UK will use customers to foster a GoDaddy inspired community of support for those in most in need.