Stay on top of mobile security with these expert tips

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Katy Seibel

Mobile technology has totally changed the way we live. It’s hard to remember the days when cell phones existed for the simple purpose of, well, making phone calls. Now, you have to stay on top of mobile security to protect your personal information.

Just think about the incredible capabilities of smartphones that we often take for granted. Video calls. Texting with endless emoji options. Sending emails. Browsing the internet. Listening to music. Taking high-quality photos and videos. Navigating an unknown city. Playing games. Sharing our lives through social media. Making purchases. Accepting payments.

The list goes on and on thanks to the ever-evolving technology built into our devices and the millions of apps that add capabilities. With GoDaddy’s Website Builder, you can even create and maintain a website from your phone. You could even run an entire businesses from a mobile device if you wanted to.

The astounding evolution of mobile technology has opened up a world of possibilities. But, all of the convenience and cool capabilities don’t come without some risk. In this fast-paced, technological world, security is a real concern.

Sensitive data must be handled with care, especially when the internet is involved.

We’ve all heard about phishing scams, hackers and other potential dangers of living our lives online. Even huge companies with serious security protections have fallen victim to data breaches. It’s important to stay informed and vigilant when it comes to protecting our personal information. Business owners have the added responsibility of minding their customers’ data in addition to their own. Luckily, there are technologies to keep our technology in check.

Expert mobile security advice from O2 Guru Phill Collins

Mobile Security O2 Guru

We asked O2 Guru Phill Collins for his expert advice on mobile device setup and security. Read on and check out the video clips for his helpful tips.

Pick the right device

What’s right for one business might not be right for another. When selecting a mobile device and tariff, give careful consideration to your unique needs.

Lock it down

As our devices have gotten more advanced, so has the security built into them. You can rest assured that some of the best security available is built into devices themselves, including biometric verification like fingerprint scanners. If you prefer added protection, there are apps that take safety to the next level.

In conclusion

As a business owner, mobile technology truly makes life easier. Don’t get so caught up in the convenience that you forget about the importance of mobile security. Know the in-built security functions of your devices and, if necessary, use an app for added protection. These days, keeping personal data safe is so important and it’s easy, too.

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