Toasting the business graft behind the craft

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Thomas Costello

Few things in life are more refreshing than sipping a cold pint. Whilst it was once the case whereby you had to go to the pub or settle for a supermarket can to quench your thirst, increasingly beer lovers are now creating breweries themselves to produce craft ale.

There’s profit in the pint

Beyond satisfying the taste buds, the craft ale sector has been quietly brewing in the background of the UK and indeed global economy in recent years, creating livelihoods from a genuine passion for the cold stuff.

In the US over 6,000 craft ale companies currently exist, which has generated $26 billion for the American economy. The UK is not far behind, with figures obtained by The Guardian showing that over 2,000 independant craft beer companies currently operate in the UK.

This figure continues to grow as more and more beer lovers discover the profitability it can generate, alongside the delicious beer of course.

Like all business ventures in the digital age, having a strong web presence can really boost profits by opening your business up to a potentially endless customer base, only enhanced further by social sharing which then links back to a functional website, such as an online shop.

Side sipping into a new career

The journey taken by those who create their own craft beer is as varied as the tastes they aim to brew.

Toast Ale are one such example, who have an environmentally conscious motive behind what they do.

Approximately 44% of all bread is wasted. You might not be able to turn bread into wine, but did you know you could turn it into beer?

Instead of going to landfill founder Tristram Stuart developed a system whereby surplus bread could be turned into delicious, vegan friendly craft beer.

The brand now employs a large team based right around the UK, whilst helping to reduce food waste. The journey to success was supported by GoDaddy, as Chief Toaster at Toast Ale Rob Wilson explains: “We wanted to launch but we didn’t have any working capital, and we didn’t have the cash flow.

“We looked at a crowdfunding campaign where we would basically pre-sell the beers.

“We were lucky enough to get funding support from GoDaddy to kick it off.

“The extra support really gave us the incentive to get going and it was an amazing success.”

Toast is now stocked in Tesco and they’ve just secured another large retailer, as they continue to go from strength to strength.

What’s more, all profits are donated to Feedback which are a charity who are on a mission to end food waste.

Why Toast Ale is the best thing since sliced...

Go global with GoDaddy

Whilst many business owners have an abundance of knowledge and passion when it comes to their product or service, the same cannot always be said when it comes to the digital face of the business.

In age where online presence goes hand in hand with social sharing, the importance of having a website which works for you and your brand couldn’t be higher. Whether it’s craft ale or medieval reenactments, whatever you are passionate about turning into a business - if it’s not searchable, who is going to find it?

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GoDaddy raises a glass to all those who choose to take their day with a side of hustle.