Want to win £1k? Just tell us, What’s Your Idea?

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Thomas Costello

We are delighted to announce that GoDaddy UK has once again teamed up with the brilliant team at Crowdfunder.co.uk to launch what we hope to become one of the UK’s largest Crowd-led funding competitions in history! Freddie Flintoff had an idea, do you?

What’s Your Idea is a new competition aimed at helping people make their own way and turn their amazing ideas into reality. We know you all have amazing ideas, we’re here to help you take it to the next level.

But, perhaps you’re not sure if you’re ready for crowdfunding? You can learn more here how your idea could be part of the crowd.

What’s Your Idea?

Launching on Monday 5th February 2018, What’s Your Idea will give you a leg up and the confidence to take the next step and turn that niggling idea in your head into reality.

Because everyone has an idea, right?

So, we are asking the UK, What’s Your Idea? This competition is open to all UK individuals looking to gain a little bit of extra funding for that special idea – we believe in your vision and we are dedicated to you helping you bring it to life.

We have been working with Crowdfunder for a while now, and we have helped tons of businesses start or grow something that they love. From raising thousands to just a few hundred pounds, we have helped ideas at every stage achieve something new.

Take Toast Ale. With £1,000 crowdfunding support from GoDaddy, Toast Ale went on to raise more than £30,000. This £1,000 seed fund allowed them to start their funding journey, create a new beer and subsequently have it stocked in some of the UK’s biggest retailers, including Tesco.

Rob Wilson from Toast explains it all:

Or perhaps you have heard of GoCode Academy? If not, they are on a mission to provide digital skills and inspire the next generation of technology entrepreneurs. After winning a pledge of £1,000 from GoDaddy, GoCode Academy then went on to raise over £20,000 throughout their crowdfunding campaign.

Founder of GoCode Academy Robert Rajeswaren reflected on his crowdfunding experience:

‘We wanted to raise funds to build a creative space for kids to learn how to code and crowdfunding was a great way for us to get exposure. Now, our coding academy is open to the public and we have started to get waves of students enrolling in our courses.

‘If you have an idea and want to crowdfund, just do it! Make time for it, have a plan and go for it. What’s the worst that could happen?’ #gohustle

Or perhaps you are like Gipsy Hill Brewery Community Tap Room? They won £1,000 from GoDaddy. Their crowdfunded project was about promoting social inclusion, by building an accessible space that promotes this - The Community Tap Room.

Sam from Gipsy Hill told us:

‘It’s expensive, and without the help of this campaign, we wouldn’t be able to pull it off. There are lots of local people who are going to benefit from it, and who will enjoy being out and about, socialising, and living life in a way that is, unfortunately, still too uncommon currently.

‘Crowdfunding gave us the confidence to really push for our stretch target of £30k, which has ensured a comfortable, sustainable place that’s fully inclusive for all.’

Ideas have the unique potential to change the world. So, whether you're launching a start-up, inspiring positive change in your community or tantalising taste buds - we want to hear about it.

For your chance of winning £1,000, head to our registration page, pick the theme most relevant to your idea and tell us in 100 words or less why your idea should win. It’s that simple.

Together, let’s get your idea off the ground – you’ll never be more ready, to make your own way.