GoDaddy, growth and turning inwards with Meditation Rocks

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Thomas Costello

It’s that time of year… adjusting to less daylight, gloomier weather and the mounting pressures of Christmas. Mindfulness serves as an outlet to many, including business owner Lucy Stone. 

Transforming darker days into brighter days

During lockdown, Lucy Stone launched Meditation Rocks, sharing a guided meditation every morning via Facebook Live. Her videos were a huge success, with people joining from all over the world. Today, Meditation Rocks is a subscription service which offers five live meditation sessions per week, pre-recorded videos, audio files and more.

"What started with just a few family and friends watching very quickly grew to thousands of people."

Mental wellbeing is at the heart of Lucy’s passion project, and she has practised meditation for over 20 years. She trained in India with the British School of Meditation to become a qualified mindfulness teacher, and is passionate about promoting the physical and mental benefits to as many people as possible, regardless of age or background.

The conversation around mental health is growing and I think it’s really important to be a part of that.

As well as this, Lucy founded the School of Meditation Rocks, providing innovative and creative ways to weave mindfulness within schools. She has taught 15,000 children over the last five years.

“People often ask how you can teach meditation to children. I think that what’s important is bringing the meditation to life. With the help of my assistant and creative director, Maisie, we are able to animate and illustrate meditation stories for children.”

Making time for self-care as a business owner

As the seasons shift and nights draw in, self-care is more important than ever. But Lucy believes there is great importance in finding time to practise self-care and balance the different areas of life all year round, particularly as a business owner. 

Making time for self-care is tough when you work for yourself, but important.

As well as the power of mindfulness, she shares some simple but essential self-care tips for entrepreneurs:

  • Take time to breathe properly
  • Exercise or move during the day
  • Eat and drink well
  • Get outside and connect with nature
  • Have regular breaks
  • Don’t underestimate the power of rest

“If you are your own boss, there’s no one telling you when to start and end your day, no one to tell you what needs to be done. Commit to a regular routine of working hours, where possible, and allow for downtime.”

Aside from the physical ways to avoid burnout and stay motivated, Lucy finds the following reminder particularly helpful during tough days:

Remember the reason why you started your business, what drove you to make the change and why are you doing what you are doing.


Channelling a message of mindfulness

Multi-business owner, Lucy relies on the digital space to connect with others and share her passion and skill with the world; a GoDaddy website allows her to do this. 

“We needed to build a professional website ourselves and GoDaddy completely fitted the bill. We were looking for somewhere that we could integrate our shop, social media and database, to have everything in one place. The website looks like it has been built by a professional agency.”

When members log in, they are granted access to an exclusive page where they can find all of the Meditation Rocks content and links to live sessions. Lucy describes the website templates as modern, fresh and contemporary.

“The dashboard on the GoDaddy website is phenomenal. You can look at your sales, you can look at who has seen your emails, you can see everything that you might want to see in terms of your Google Analytics. It is just so helpful.” 

As a single mother, I need to be able to work on-the-go. With GoDaddy, I can.

Lucy’s busy lifestyle means that she needs to be able to run her business from anywhere. She appreciates being able to make changes wherever she is, from any device. 

“Whether I am on my phone, in a cafe or using my laptop on the move, I need to be able to access the website. With GoDaddy, I can do this effortlessly.”

“One of the most amazing things about the whole process was the expert knowledge at hand via WhatsApp. Day and night, you can send a tech guru a question and get a really lovely, friendly, thorough response back quickly.”

While Lucy takes a moment to appreciate GoDaddy, we take a moment to appreciate Meditation Rocks - a small business which gives back. Her ultimate piece of advice?

Don’t dwell on mistakes or worry about the future. Take time to celebrate successes - even the tiny ones - check in with yourself and enjoy small moments of joy.

Feeling inspired? 

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