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Buildings. Landscapes. Software. Ships. Architects shape the things and places where we live, work, play and move. Whatever branch of architecture you work in, .architect is your home online. Connect with clients, share ideas and attract recruits with an instantly recognizable web address that, like a well-designed building, speaks for itself.

In architecture, form follows function. On the web, your site’s function is to attract and engage users. Your site’s form, meanwhile, begins with an appropriate web address. And there’s no more suitable domain extension for the architectural profession than .architect. Like a virtual signpost for the architectural industry, dot architect tells prospective clients exactly what you do. Whether you’re a local, independent architect or part of a large multinational firm, this domain is perfectly designed to market your services online.

But .architect domains aren’t just for building designers looking to attract potential clients or new hires on the web. It’s also an excellent choice for the many online forums and message boards where professional architects go to exchange information and discuss ideas. Likewise for the architecture blogs, magazines and other publishers that showcase projects and publish articles on building design. Any of these web destinations will find a winning domain extension in dot architect.

The perfect location to build your business online.

Just as building architects design physical structures like homes, bridges and skyscrapers, software architects design virtual structures such as computer systems, platforms and applications. If you’re a member of this programming community, .architect is a sensible choice for your website. Whether you publish a blog, operate a message board or are looking to create a portfolio site, dot architect lets users know you’re a knowledgeable, career-minded software architect.

There are other sorts of architects too. Landscape architects design spaces like parks, gardens and corporate and college campuses. Naval architects design marine vessels like cruise ships and racing yachts. If you’re a member of either of these fields with an online presence, a dot architect domain is a recognizable and relevant choice for your web address.

Famed designer Mies van der Rohe once said, “Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together.” Successful websites, on the other hand, start with great domains. And for designers of buildings, landscapes, ships and software, dot architect is the top domain choice for your site.

Build your online presence with .architect. Get yours today.

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