The domain for Belize and Bolzano.

If you or your business is based in Belize, then it's a no brainer: You need a .bz domain. After all, it's the official domain for Belize, and showing pride in your home country is a good thing. But even if you're not a local, you can look like one with a .bz domain. You’ll show residents that you care about where they live, and that can create loyalty to your brand.

A domain with flexibility.

Although it would be fairly difficult to work .bz into a fun domain hack, you do have options. It's quite often used to represent business. Your company could get in on that action with your own .bz domain. And if you or your business are based in Bolzano, Italy, which is officially abbreviated with BZ, then .bz makes a lot of sense. Finally, want to get the word out about your business or product? Why not start some buzz with .bz? Sure, it's not anything official, but it's memorable.