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Connect more people to your faith.

When seeking a church that offers community and hope, 85% of people find that church online before they ever make a personal visit. In order to stand out and get found first, a .church domain is your digital front door that warmly welcomes new attendees and members.

Grow your following and amplify your message.

With a domain name and web address that matches your church name, you get efficient and effective messaging every time your brand is mentioned. .church is perfect for a new or rebranding church, religious group, or spiritual community, as well as for providing resources and services your church offers.

Some other reasons to choose .church include:

  • Over 30% of churches on the Outreach 100 list uses a .church domain — it's trusted and upgrades your web presence for a ministry in a hybrid world.
  • It's SEO-optimized, as .church domain names have valuable keywords on the left and right side of the dot, resulting in more website visits and engagement.
  • Building community — .church lights the way for people to find what they’re looking for in a world in need of hope and connection.

Reach out in a new way with a .church domain.

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