Care about our .earth? Show it in your web address.

Rising sea levels. Deforestation. Pollution. If your non-profit, club or group is passionate about the pressing environmental issues of the day, consider .earth for your web address. Whether you’re an environmental blogger or an energy consultant, .earth tells readers at a glance what your website’s all about.

Nations unite under the green banner. There’s growing global awareness that the environmental crises we face can only be solved if we work together. Thanks to history-making cooperation between the U.S. and China, the earth may well be on a path to a sustainable future. .earth is an ideal choice for those who contribute to, report on or blog about these efforts.

Business gets serious about sustainability. From eco fashion to the farm-to-table trend, sustainability is on everyone’s lips. In fact, there’s scarcely an industry that hasn’t been touched by it – and these days, corporate sustainability efforts go far beyond reputation management. The latest strategies combine energy and waste reduction, efforts to develop green products and employee retention all under one umbrella. .earth is the place to report on how you’re doing on all fronts.

Renewable energy makes good.

In 2014, renewable power plants generated more than 100,000 megawatts of global capacity for the first time. From hydroelectric to wind and solar power, renewable energy is now being generated on a scale and at a cost that makes it competitive with fossil fuels. Use dot earth to attract investors and customers alike.

But you don’t have to be a turbine manufacturer or biofuel plant to register .earth. It makes an immediately recognizable web address for many others as well:

  • Urban farmers
  • Water quality agencies
  • Clean car engineering firms
  • Recycling companies
  • Green builders
  • Solar cell manufacturers
  • Green designers

Ecologist, oceanographers, microbiologists and the many other scientists can also use .earth for websites where they describe their research and post their findings.

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