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What are .homes domain names?

Most people who buy .homes are likely involved in residential real estate, the business of buying and selling homes. Many of them are professionals who must pass an exam to become licensed to work in the industry and focus on properties including:

  • Single-family homes — The good, old-fashioned house that accommodates an adult or two and their children (and maybe even a granny).
  • Multi-family homes — Not to be confused with apartment buildings, these properties generally include up to four residences with shared walls.
  • Condominiums — These are very similar to apartments, with shared walls and amenities, but are typically owned rather than rented.
  • Townhomes — A step up from condos, townhomes still have shared walls but often feature private amenities like lawns and driveways.
  • Cooperatives — At first glance, co-ops are just like apartments, but each resident owns a share of the building and contributes to its upkeep.

While the .homes domain name might seem like a resource exclusively for real estate professionals, let’s not forget about private individuals. These are the people who roll up their sleeves, grab hammers and paintbrushes, and then lovingly fix up properties to sell for a profit. Does this sound like you? The .homes domain could help make your ideas real.

Who should register a .homes domain name?

People who work in real estate aren’t the only ones who should consider the .homes domain. It’s a word that everyone understands, and it evokes an emotional response. With the sense of comfort and belonging it inspires, there are a lot of other careers where it makes sense to register .homes:

  • Interior decorators
  • Housing charities
  • Architects
  • Landscape professionals
  • Construction companies

You might even buy .homes to promote your handmade doll houses or luxury kennels for dogs and cats. Some of the best ideas for a domain name arrive when you unleash your creativity and look for ideas outside the ordinary. With the .homes domain, the front door is wide open to make it anything you want.

When is the best time to register .homes domains?

Unlike traditional domain extensions that have been around for 10 or 20 years, .homes is the new kid on the block. But even compared with other hot domain extensions out there today, the .homes domain name has a couple big things going for it:

  1. AvailabilityDot homes is fairly new to the market, so the chances are far greater that you’ll find a super-catchy domain name that hasn’t been taken yet.
  2. Recognition — Succeeding online today means quickly making it clear why you’re online. When you use the .homes domain, you’re already halfway there.

Just like a super-sweet deal in real estate, lots of people are seeing the potential in .homes domain names — and you can bet they’re getting ready to register one for themselves. Be a savvy investor and grab that opportunity. Register .homes before someone else gets there first.

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