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A .hosting domain welcomes like no other.

Whether you’re in tech, gaming, or hospitality, .hosting is the perfect domain for your online identity. From promoting your valuable web hosting services, to establishing yourself as a site-building whiz, to marketing your event planning services, .hosting helps website, event and (literal) hosting professionals everywhere establish themselves online.

The .hosting domain is perfect for:

  • Hosting providers
  • Data centers and cloud computing
  • Website builders and developers
  • Game servers
  • Event planning companies and services
  • International student exchange hosting
  • Travel hosting
  • Domain name registrars and resellers

What are some common uses for .hosting?

Market your hosting services on www.YourBrand.Hosting or www.YourName.Hosting.

Use keyword-rich www.YourType.Hosting or www.YourVersion.Hosting to match what online shoppers are searching for.

Bring tourists to your cozy B&B with www.YourCompany.Hosting or www.YourBusiness.Hosting.

Attract event planning clients in your area with www.YourCity.Hosting or www.YourState.Hosting.

Showcase your website builder templates with www.YourBrand.Hosting or www.YourCompany.Hosting.

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