Connect the dots between you and job applicants.

Designed to serve the Human Resources Management community around the world, the .jobs domain extension provides a simple, fast, consistent destination for job opportunities and employment information at your company. Best of all, .jobs is a restricted domain, meaning applicants will be subject to a verification process to confirm they qualify — no cyber-squatting, no name hoarding, no hassle.

What can a .jobs do?

  • Clearly place your company's HR interests on the Web using a www."yourcompanyname" .jobs domain.
  • Provide a direct route to career information for job seekers.
  • Eliminate congestion, confusion, and distraction on your home page.
  • Complement and enhance your company's current best practices in hiring.
  • Create a more streamlined recruiting process for HR professionals.

Who qualifies for a .jobs?

.jobs is designated specifically for those tasked with communicating employment opportunities at their organizations, along with those managing other human resource elements. The ability to secure a company name in .jobs is restricted to those who meet the following criteria:

  • Tasked with hiring or other HR duties on behalf of their own employer organization;

  • Authorized to purchase their "yourcompanyname" .jobs on behalf of their employer organization;

  • Who agree to abide by the .jobs Use Policies; and

  • Who agree to abide by the SHRM Code of Professional Ethics.

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