One of the safest domains in the world.

Any individual, business or organization that isn’t on the web is missing out on a great way to find new followers, friends and customers. To get online, the first step is to register a .jp domain. Because this domain is managed by a Japanese registry, all communications will be in Japanese. And since you must have a permanent postal address in Japan to buy it, having a .jp in your web address tells site visitors your website can be trusted. Year after year, dot jp domains are consistently ranked among the 10 safest domains on the web.

A special kind of web consumer.

Both price-sensitive and lovers of luxury goods, Japanese shoppers are unique among the world’s web consumers. They:

  • Seek out the latest technology as well as luxury imports
  • Like bargains but will pay for value in the form of convenience, craftsmanship or exclusivity
  • Have very high service expectations, both during and after the sale
  • Are spending more time on retail websites, even as retail engagement drops worldwide.

Companies hoping to engage shoppers online would be wise to keep these characteristics in mind as they craft their marketing plans. A .jp domain name will likely increase credibility for them, as it shows Japanese shoppers your company is right here at home.

A word about mobile.

While the majority of web views in Japan still take place on desktops, mobile use is on the rise. More than 100 million people use their mobiles for everything from talking with friends online to buying goods and services. Anyone serious about reaching them should make sure their website works as well on smartphones, feature phones and tablets as it does on desktops. Nothing turns off web visitors quicker than a website that’s slow or hard to use on their device of choice.

Protect your brand.

Already have another domain name? Register the .jp version of it to keep others from registering it and using it to draw visitors away from your website. Save your new domain for future development or simply forward it to your existing site to bring in new customers.