.lol is all about the laughter.

When you have a .lol domain, visitors know your site will help lighten their day. From promoting your latest comedy tour online, to serving the best knee-slapping memes around, to creating an online hub for your comedy club, .lol domain helps any brand, individual, or organization create an online presence as amusing as they are.

The .lol domain is perfect for:

  • Comedians
  • Producers
  • Viral marketers
  • Writers
  • Entertainers
  • Funny websites and blogs
  • Comedy clubs and entertainment venues
  • Gamers and gaming companies
  • Video and image creators
  • Blockchain and crypto businesses
  • Meme artists

What are some common uses for .lol?

Market your comedy show schedule and merchandise on www.YourName.LOL or www.YourGroup.LOL.

Use keyword-rich www.YourType.LOL or www.YourShow.LOL to match what online entertainment shoppers are searching for.

Promote your comedy writing and creation skills with www.YourCompany.LOL or www.YourBusiness.LOL.

Attract comedy and entertainment club customers in your area with www.YourCity.LOL or www.YourState.LOL.

Share your most hilarious videos, images, and memes with www.YourBrand.LOL or www.YourJoke.LOL.

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