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Guys, this one is for you.

Sports. Style. Grooming. Gadgets. Mens’ interests are as diverse as men themselves. Now there’s a perfect web address for everything guys are into. Say hello to .men, the manliest domain on the web. Like a virtual man cave, dot men gives guys a place online to call their own.

As worldwide internet use has exploded over the past decade, so too has web content targeted at guys. A quick look around the web reveals an abundance of blogs and other sites targeted at men, from tech reviews and health tips to car reports and fashion blogs. A Jack-of-all-trades domain name, .men helps guys follow their interests, whatever they may be. It’s a perfect domain for:

  • Style and fashion
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Cars and trucks
  • Health and fitness
  • Gadgets and gear
  • Sex and dating
  • Money and finance

.men love the web.

In fact, men make up half the world’s population, and account for an equal measure of global internet use. That’s a sizeable audience, and for businesses that cater to it, a .men domain name is the best way to reach guys online.

Not only do men love the web, they also love shopping online. Studies suggest that most guys would rather research and buy products online than visit a store. And more and more men are using their smartphones to buy things online. Whether they’re connecting via desktop or mobile, this on-the-mark domain provides a trustworthy virtual storefront for guys to buy products and services.

But dot men isn’t just for male-exclusive companies. Businesses serving both genders can use dot men to separate products for men from those targeted at women. That way it’s easy for customers to browse for specific products, for themselves or for a loved one.

.men at work. From magazines to message boards, websites now have an address that makes perfect sense for the myriad markets that are relevant to men. Whether your website covers a specific topic of relevance to guys, or is all things to all men, a .men domain is the best place to be found.

The web isn’t going anywhere. Men are going to continue to use it to find everything from tips on cooking the perfect steak to how to tie a double Windsor, so there really is no better time to buy. And just like good men, good domain names are scarce. So register your .men today.

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