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A .mom domain is all about family and community.

Attract parents and family members of all types with the .mom domain name. .mom is for anyone looking to adopt a domain their audience can trust, from launching brands for mothers, to companies owned and operated by amazing mothers, to blogging parenting tips and tricks, to creating a community of rockstar parents online.

The .mom domain is perfect for:

  • Every mom starting a business online
  • Parenting blogs and publications
  • Products and services geared towards moms
  • Family albums online
  • Motherhood leaders and mentors
  • Parenting clubs and organizations
  • Caregiving companies

What are some common uses for .mom?

Proudly establish your mother-lead business online with www.YourBrand.Mom or www.YourName.Mom.

Share your parenting advice on www.YourName.Mom or www.YourBlog.Mom.

Use keyword-rich www.YourType.Mom or www.YourSpecialty.Mom to match what those in need of caregivers are searching for.

Connect with other parents in your area with www.YourCity.Mom or www.YourState.Mom.

Promote your mentorship program with www.YourBrand.Mom or www.YourCompany.Mom.

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