The domain for uncertain times.

The threats to our safety and possessions seem to be multiplying daily. If it’s not a data breech that exposes our debit card numbers and PINs, it’s the tech-savvy burglar who hacks into our baby monitors to determine when our houses are empty.

The newly released .security domain comes just in time for a worldwide surge in security spending on everything from digital protection to home surveillance systems to private police. According to a United Nations report, the private security industry alone generates hundreds of billions of dollars a year globally. Any business that offers individuals, companies or governments protection against cyberspies, hackers and organized criminal groups can use dot security to find more clients online.

The beauty of this new domain is that it’s designed specifically for those who protect and defend. It will serves to validate your business, inspiring trust before potential clients even reach your website. Few other domains provide this level of reassurance.

But .security domain names aren’t just for traditional security firms. They’re perfect for a variety of businesses, including those that deal with:

  • Managed security IT
  • Threat intelligence
  • Security awareness training
  • Mobile security
  • Security analytics
  • Cybersecurity investment funds
  • Cloud security

An instantly recognizable web address for security contractors.

As government budgets shrink, more and more cities and communities are outsourcing their police operations to private contractors. Private police guard neighborhoods, museums and corporate buildings all over the world.

Independent security contractors also patrol coastal waters, guard natural resources like oil refineries, provide personal security for heads of state and train police forces.

.security is an ideal choice for any company that trains and places security personnel, as well as the firms that install and monitor surveillance systems for homes, offices and government buildings.

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