An epic city gets its own domain.

Consistently ranked among the most livable cities in the world, Sydney is known for its beautiful beaches, great food and laid-back attitude. Now it has its very own domain name too.

.sydney domains are open to any resident or registered business located in New South Wales. From restaurants to travel bloggers, one domain fits all.

  • Tell ‘em you’re a Sydneysider. Whether you own a construction company in Pyrmont, manage a gallery in Potts Point or do part-time bookkeeping from your kitchen table, a .sydney web address is the quickest way to attract local clients. Marketing specialists, solicitors, vets, architects, engineers – all can use it to tell prospective customers they’re right here at home.
  • Promote your school, club or church. .sydney domains are equally well-suited for private or philanthropic organisations. You don’t even need to build a website on it – just point your .sydney to your Facebook page to spread the word about events and fundraisers.?
  • Speak to customers in their own language. The millions who call Sydney home speak over 250 different languages. If your business caters to one or more of these populations, register a different .sydney domain name for each group and create a website in their language. You’ll generate goodwill, greater loyalty and more sales.

Bring the tourists running.

Australia’s top tourist destination, Sydney attracts millions of travelers every year. If your business serves tourists in any way, .sydney could help you find and connect with more of them.

  • Make your location work for you. Why not make the most of your location by putting it right in your web address? Travelers often enter their destination into web searches, which makes a .sydney domain doubly valuable. Putting your city in your web address increases the chances that your website will come out on top in web results. Add your business name or sector – harbor cruises, taxi, best seafood – before the dot to bring more patrons in the door
  • Already have a domain you use for your website? Register the .sydney version to keep domain squatters from using it for their own website and stealing traffic from your business. Then just forward your .sydney domain to your website or Facebook® page to expand your online reach.
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