Connect with all of Taiwan.

With 90 percent of Taiwan’s population using the internet for non-work purposes every day, you’re missing out if you don’t have a website. A .tw domain is the perfect choice for your web address, as it shows everyone you’re invested in the local culture and economy. Anyone may register a .tw domain using either ASCII or Chinese characters.

Speak to 9 million tourists. The web is the key to attracting the attention of the millions of tourists who visit Taiwan every year. Since travellers often research their trips on the web before making reservations, using Taiwan’s official domain name for your web address will bring more of them to your website.

Dot tw is a smart choice for:

  • Taxi, tour bus & car rental services
  • Restaurants and snack shops
  • Tea houses, wine bars & pubs
  • Hotels, resorts, inns & campsites
  • Museums, opera houses & theatres
  • Any business or service that caters to travellers.

Start selling your products online.

Small and medium-sized businesses make up the majority of commercial enterprises in Taiwan and account for nearly one-third of the country’s annual sales. Whether you sell clothing or consumer goods such as soft drinks, vegetables and cleaning supplies, an eCommerce website is the surest path to growth:

  • Analysts predict double-digit growth for eCommerce in Taiwan
  • With 70% of adult smartphone owners using their phones to buy online, online retail is expected to surpass sales in traditional retail stores
  • A recent study by Nielsen revealed that 52% of web shoppers believe online stores offer better deals than physical retailers

With a .tw domain, you can bring more Taiwanese investors, business partners and buyers to your site by showing you’re located right here at home.

Protect your business – register a domain name, too. Already have a .tw or other domain? Register the version to keep others from buying it and using it to pull visitors away from your existing website. Reserved especially for companies, businesses and corporations, tells the world you are a commercial enterprise.