Your source for hard-to-find facts.

Where would you go for information if someone asked you about the history of ancient Egypt? Or succession to the British throne? Or a guest appearance in season three of your favorite sitcom? Chances are, you’d look to one of those sites where like-minded people share their knowledge.

Today, wiki websites are known the world over as a ready source of information. Like the people who contribute to them, wikis draw their strength from the energy of many. By using .wiki, domains you’re clearly and proudly inviting the world to join you in defining a hobby, cause or passion.

Call for collaboration with a .wiki domain.

While some wiki websites run on purpose-built software, it’s not a requirement. You can use .wiki to give content some authority, letting the world know your site has the information people are after. You can also register .wiki to let people know the space they’re entering is devoted to the open exchange of knowledge. Individuals and organizations who should huddle up to think about .wiki domains include:

  • Academic groups
  • Development teams
  • Book clubs
  • Political organizations
  • Support groups
  • Language clubs

See? .wiki isn’t just for braniacs once you get more familiar with it. Everyone comes across scenarios where a second opinion would really help. And when you buy .wiki, you’re moving toward the kind of collaboration that gets stuff done.

.wiki works for more than words.

When people think about using a .wiki domain name, they probably envision contributors typing out those super-long, ultra-detailed articles about really obscure stuff. But .wiki is for more than writing. Imagine creating a place where members share their favorite imagery on a particular subject. Or where musicians work together on the perfect song. Turns out, .wiki is a great fit for all kinds of groups.

Don’t wait to register .wiki

On the flipside of collaboration is competition. And with people getting competitive when new domains are released, .wiki domains are quite the hot commodity. Don’t worry, but don’t wait either. Your .wiki domain is out there, that spark of creative energy ready to enable your community. Make it happen by getting your .wiki today.
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