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GoDaddy recommends moving to a new hosting company



Just spent the third time on a call or chat about the SSL on my site.  The GoDaddy support tech recommended we move to a new hosting company.  They said they can't get their own SSL to work on their own hosting instance for my websites.  So the tech said we should just move to another hosting company. 


Any recommendations?  The SSL on our site has not worked for the past month and shows SSL REVOKED in browsers (tested on three continents) yet GoDaddy says it works fine.  


Thanks for the advice. 



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That somehow doesn't sound right @tmscolorado? Are you sure the suggestion was "move to a new hosting company" and not "move to a new hosting package/platform"? There are many current GoDaddy customers who are on hosting platforms that are not exactly able to support SSL certificates for various reasons. In moving several websites to accommodate SSLs over the last year or so I found several hosting packages that were not able to fully utilize SSL certificates on a vast variety of hosting companies.


I could understand the representative suggesting that you move to a new hosting but not to a new hosting company. In my interactions with GoDaddy I have always had the proper accommodations made so that I could incorporate a SSL to the website. I hope that helps?


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