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Here's Why I'm Leaving GoDaddy After 20+ Years

Imagine this ...

After 20+ years of paying for web hosting, for scores of domain name registrations & renewals, and for dozens and dozens of successfully launched websites, I've had it, ... I'm finally fed up and it's time to leave.


Well, first of all, starting back about two years ago, I've had a number of hosted domains that would not propagate at all, ... I paid for them, but they got caught inside a set-up loop and would hang there for weeks, if not months, totally unusable,

And nobody could solve it.

Finally someone said, it's because I needed to be migrated over to C-Panel, but I'd have to be patient and "wait my turn". 

I was, ... for almost two years.

Now, I've been a legacy hosting customer since the late 1990s, but I may very well have been one of the very last customers to be migrated over to C-Panel.

A few weeks ago, during that transition, during that set-up process, one which was directed step-by-step over the phone by a GoDaddy support agent, also got hung up in a loop.

Four weeks later, it was still hung up.

No access to my sites.

No ability to activate the C-Panel.

Then, to add insult upon injury, I was notified I had violated the terms of my account by impacting the shared hosting system with too many MP3 files.


Across all my websites I might have a grand total of 1,200 MP3 files.

Anyway, my hosting account was quickly suspended and all my sites were deactivated.

I called again, and this time was connected to a "Level 2 Advisor".

This advisor eventually informed me the problem was I was hogging the system with, ... now get this, ... a total of 33,000,000 MP3 files.

Yes, you read that correctly, thirty-three million!

It quickly became clear to me that during GoDaddy's  process of trying to migrate me over to C-Panel, while it was hung up in a loop, the start and stop action must have continuously duplicated my 1,200 files over and over and over, to the point there was now 33,000,000 such files.

It gets worse ...

I was then told that I needed to delete all MP3 files before my sites would be taken off suspension. There would be no negotiation in this matter,

Well, I scanned all my directories and found ... less than 1,400 MP3 files that were visible to me.

So, I asked the GoDaddy advisor where the 33,000,000 files were, and he told me they were unable to inform me of that because the files cut across so many different directory paths.

And that was yesterday.

So, today, I am leaving.

Ineptness on the part of GoDaddy.

Lack of accountability on the part of GoDaddy.

No desire whatsoever to help solve the problem that they caused.

And to think, I sat on the phone yesterday for over two hours while being told over and over, that GoDaddy couldn't wait to "exceed my expectations".

Nice try, GoDaddy.

You've collected thousands and thousands of dollars from me over the years.

But, like a bad marriage, it's time to call it quits.

Good riddance and goodbye.


it's vital that we always give the customer the benefit of the doubt.  There is usually more to it.  It's rare that a customer will spend so much time on hold for no reason at all.  Take the time and listen and show you care.

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