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Increasing difficulties in dealing with GoDaddy



I wanted to add to the chorus of frustrated users. I appreciate the speed of being able to have a discussion with a human being, I appreciate the flexibility of live chat and I appreciate the ability to raise a request by email for less urgent issues.


Unfortunately, the last two options seem to have been all but removed. I had a conversation the other day about an SSL that had disappeared from our account and while the team member was both friendly and knowledgeable in the subject the issue had to be escalated twice. Since you don't allow your support staff to dial out the option of calling me back after investigation wasn't even open to him.


We were on the phone for 1hr 20m.


This was a technical issue. These things happen, however most of that hour was pretty much lost when this could have been sorted via email, or at least a phone call back.


I actually have several other issues that are impacting how we use GoDaddy, however I'm pretty much having to live with them because I don't want to pay the price of loosing another working hour sitting on the phone.



This isn't fair on customers, and it's not fair on your front line staff. 


I'm not a fan of publicly bashing a companies processes, previously I'd have emailed customer services but that option's been removed. 



Just to abundantly clear this is a procedural or management issue. Your front line staff member in my previous call was actually pretty great. 


Community Manager

Hi @mike-mccormick. Thanks for your feedback. Sorry that you had difficulty with your services. It's true that we do not offer email support. This was discontinued several years ago. In time, we may bring it back as a ticketing system available within your GoDaddy account, but this isn't definite. I did want to make sure you know we do still have chat support between 5 am and 6 pm on the US English version of our website. This post talks about it a bit more. 


If you have any further technical issues that the community might be able to help with. Please feel free to post those in the appropriate board as their own thread. Thanks!


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Hi @JesseW


I must have been confused with the ticketing system. Checking another comment (that post doesn't seem to mention the timezone) I see this is for Arizona; currently this would mean I can use live chat 1pm onward, reducing it's usefulness slightly, however this is good to know and making this clear within the chat dialogue or beside the 'Chat Now' button would have gone a long way toward making this less of a problem.


While I can at least attempt to get on with something productive during a chat conversation, the inability to raise a ticket and come back later for non-critical issues is still frustrating.


I'd be ok with both contact methods if staff could at least offer a call back when an issue requires internal investigation or escalation.  


Posting on the community isn't an option for the majority of issues I've raised over the years, they're either something specific to an individual certificate and how it's been issued, or an account specific issue that needs to be investigated by staff. 



I understand @mike-mccormick. Technically, we're not broadcasting support in regions other than the US, so that's why it's not on our website. We're working on expanding the chat availability though, so in the future, that will likely be the case. 


If there is a situation that needs to be escalated, that is usually handled by creating a ticket internally, which can then generate an email response to a customer once the issue is resolved. However, some issues require an agent to reach out to 2nd tier support prior to creating an escalation. These do require the agent to stay on the line to troubleshoot, which they can't do unless they're still in contact with the customer. Occasionally, this can be handled by the agent calling the customer back, but this can be done only in special cases since it affects the agent's ability to help other customers. That may be what happened in your case. 


Thanks again for your feedback. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.